Sensory Ball

  • 2022

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Jellystone Designs

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Jellystone Designs’ Sensory Ball 2 Pack is a multifunctional sensory toy for all ages and stages. Made from food-grade silicone, this pack combines two textured ball designs into one sensory toy that is safe for chewing and perfect for stretching, grasping, rolling, squishing and bouncing.

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  • Our design brief was to create a toy that was: - Tactile & sensory - Useful for self-regulation and creating calm - Durable & easy to clean We wanted to create a teether toy that was safe and lightweight with a tactile element to enhance the sensory experience for young babies. It was imperative that this toy also have utility for older children with sensory needs. We wanted the toy to be discreet and easy for children to take with them on-the-go to help with fidgeting, emotional regulation and creating calm. Finally, the toy needed to be durable & easy to clean.

  • Safe: Uses non-toxic silicone and is tested to meet Australian Safety standards. It is lightweight and has an open frame design that makes it easy for young babies to grasp & lift. Engaging: Includes two balls with two different colours, sizes and shapes. Tactile & Sensory: Features textured ridges on the surface for fingers to explore. The silicone is soft and malleable to allow for squashing, pulling, bouncing etc. Durable: Silicone is an extremely durable material, the colour doesn’t fade and the texture remains intact over years. Cleaning: Cleaned using warm soapy water, in a steam steriliser or in the dishwasher.

  • The Sensory Ball is one of Jellystone Designs’ most popular toys given its multifunctionality and utility across different age ranges. Many parents and carers recommend it as a safe, fun & engaging toy that helps young babies to develop focus & basic hand-eye coordination as they learn to lift & grasp the ball with their fingers. As the child grows older, the Sensory Ball can be used to fine tune motor skills through throwing, squashing, threading, bouncing etc. Occupational therapists and psychologists recommend the Sensory Ball as a tool to assist children and adults with self-regulating emotions & maintaining focus when feeling overwhelmed.

  • Form: the pack consists of two sensory balls (one larger and one smaller) with two different colours, sizes and shapes for babies and kids to explore. The smaller ball fits inside the larger one and can be pulled out and put back inside. Pop function: the smaller ball can be squashed flat and will pop back out, in random timing, for added fun! Colour: unique, complementary colours for added colour exploration Silicone: soothing to touch and soft on sore gums (if a baby is teething). Malleable: easy for stretching, grasping, rolling, squishing and bouncing Lightweight: perfect for even newborns to lift and bring to their mouths. Open frame: easy for babies to grasp and hold Quiet: the silicone is quiet when dropped, banged and rolled. Safe: soft, flexible surface and won't injure a child if it is thrown or dropped. Textures: ridges and bumps on outer surface for sensory exploration Open-ended: promotes creative play where children have the flexibility and freedom to utilise the toy how they wish, for example putting objects or scarves inside the ball and then pulling out. Packaging: beautiful cardboard packaging (plastic-free) with open frame to allow for customers to touch and feel