SEAVU Explorer Underwater Live-View Camera

  • 2023

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    Consumer Electronics

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The SEAVU Explorer redefines underwater visibility and videography by making it affordable, accessible and sustainable for fishers, boaters, researchers and documentary makers. The product houses an action camera which is deployed underwater, streaming footage to a mobile phone in the hand of a person standing on a boat.

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  • We consulted with a number of global-level pro-fishers and documentary makers to understand the key goals and pain points of existing underwater cameras. We heard that existing solutions are expensive, difficult to use while on a rocking boat and are quickly superseded by advancing camera technology, sending them to landfills. They are focused on industrial markets, either having custom built-in cameras or requiring custom screens for viewing. The main brief for the SEAVU Explorer project was to create the first underwater live-view and videography product that was usable, affordable, versatile and sustainable enough to appeal to hobbyists and professionals alike.

  • The core solution is allowing users to use their own action camera (GoPro, Insta360, DJI) and mobile phones or tablets to see and film underwater. This leverages these advancing technologies that people already own, lowers the cost of the product and reduces obsolescence and landfill. Our innovative Passive Extension Antenna maintains connection between the action camera and mobile device, even when the Explorer is submerged up to 27 metres underwater. Usability and versatility is addressed with a rich range of accessories that can be easily clipped in or attached at various points.

  • The SEAVU Explorer is the first product that makes underwater live-viewing and videography from a boat truly accessible to consumer markets. Commercially, SEAVU is positioned to define and dominate the market. Culturally, we anticipate it will unlock an entire genre of videography and exploration. The social benefits are providing better visibility and safety for boaters, precision and incredible footage for game-fishers, as well as a powerful tool for researchers, documentary filmmakers, and educational programs. By combatting obsolescence, waste will be reduced, giving it a sustainable twist. Ultimately, we hope it inspires deeper connection to marine ecosystems.

  • To use the SEAVU Explorer, simply load the action camera into the Explorer Case, plug in the Antenna Tether, and attach the appropriate accessories for the desired mode. Once the Explorer Case is deployed into the water, the Cable Reel, mounted on the boat, can be used to unwind up to 27 meters of cable. Users can live-view the camera feed on their mobile phone or tablet, which can be mounted on the boat or the Cable Reel itself. Designed for diverse use cases, the SEAVU Explorer features a modular accessory clip system for unmatched versatility in the water. In Drifting Mode, the Explorer floats a metre below the surface among schools of fish. Trolling Mode allows game fishers to see marlin or tuna up close as they follow a lure and take the bait. Seafloor Mode allows documentary makers to observe marine life from a tripod-mounted Explorer on the ocean floor. Pole Mode enables yacht crews to easily spy potential obstructions or inspect fouled propellers. The accessory clip system is built to allow for deep customisation, empowering users to 3D print their own accessories and tailor the platform to their needs.