Sauber Visualiser™

  • 2015

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Barbara O'Brien and Hiep Duong

Commissioned By:

Hiep Duong

Designed In:


The Sauber Visualiser™ is designed to intercept dirt, dust and particles from entering the Sauber vacuum cleaners.

It was designed to provide consumers with extended dust bag life and at the same time providing the bagless functionality to a bag machine and hence in increasing the performance of their Sauber vacuum cleaner.

The patented built in LED Lighting System illuminates when your Visualiser™ is switched on enabling the users to clearly see how much dirt they are collecting.

It uses a lip seal technology to provide a complete seal system to trap into the dust container and whilst minimising loss of suction

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  • The intention of the Sauber Electronic Visualiser™ is to integrate its design into the overall design of the Sauber Intelligence Vacuum Cleaner so that the Visualiser™ is easy to install and clean. The Sauber Electronic Visualiser™ has been designed with the same contours and high quality components to ensure a seamless connection with the Sauber Intelligence Vacuum Cleaner.

  • Further enhances the Sauber brand as intelligent, innovative, super brand and high quality.

  • The Patented Electronic LED Lighting System ensures that the user can clearly see and have proof of precisely the amount of dust & dirt that is being extracted from carpets and other flooring into the bagless dust cup.

  • Fine pet hair and other long fibres are easily cleaned away with the Removable Filter Cone. There is no need to use scissors or sharp knifes any more. If there is any blockage observed from the removable filter cone, the removable filter cone needs to be cleaned to maintain good suction. 1. Turn the removable filter cone anti-clockwise to remove it from the Sauber Visualiser™ 2. Remove it from the Sauber Visualiser™ by gently pulling downward 3. After blockage is removed, returning the filter cone to its original place by turning clockwise until it clicks into place

    Ensures dirt and dust particles are trapped into the dust container which extends the life of the Sauber vacuum cleaner Medication Filtration System and at the same time, minimises no loss of suction.