Samsung Gear IconX®

  • 2018

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • Samsung Electronics

Commissioned By:

Samsung Electronics Australia

Designed In:

United States of America

The second generation of Samsung’s groundbreaking cord-free earbuds, Gear IconX® offer an ergonomic and lightweight design, extended battery life, a built-in coach, time, distance and calorie tracking, and music access via 3.4GB of internal storage and Bluetooth connectivity.

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  • Cords can be a nuisance. During exercise they have a habit of getting tangled or catching on clothing, and nothing ruins a workout (or any other time you listen to music) like having your earbuds unexpectedly yanked from your ears. What’s needed is a set of earbuds that free users from cords, while maximising comfort, sound quality and battery life, and if they can provide a little extra motivation all the better.

  • Gear IconX are ergonomic wireless earbuds that deliver quality audio and up to seven hours of battery life. They enable Australians to enjoy music either via Bluetooth streaming from their smartphone or using 3.4 GB of internal memory to store up to 1,000 tracks. Gear IconX also feature a built-in coach to keep Aussies motivated, providing real time encouragement and tips, while their auto-tracking feature will log time, distance and calories burned when walking or jogging.

  • Gear IconX has made it easier for Australians to enjoy music comfortably while exercising. Their cordless design makes it possible to train without tangling or snagging on clothing, and their extended battery life will help ensure users have enough power to get through their workout. The in-built coach makes it easier than ever to stay motivated, while the tracking of time, distance and calories burned help Australians monitor their fitness.

  • - Tap to control – play playlists, navigate tracks, and turn up the volume. It's all easily done with taps and swipes without having to take out your phone. - Available in black, grey and pink colour options.