Samsung BESPOKE AI™ Smart Washer with Less Microfibre Cycle

  • 2023

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    Domestic Appliances

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Samsung’s BESPOKE AI™ Smart Washer is the ultimate blend of efficiency and innovation. This washing machine rethinks the role of hot water and abrasive intensity in cleaning processes to reduce the release of microplastics from clothing during wash cycles[1], which poses a serious threat to marine ecosystems.

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  • Australians want high-performance and high-capacity washing machines that offer intelligent capabilities to help them save time and money. Samsung research shows the top feature most likely to impact Australians’ washing machine buying decision is “protection of clothes’ colour and texture”, followed by machines that offer “the same wash in half the time”[2]. Sustainability is also a critical consideration. 38% of Australians consider climate change as a highly concerning global issue, whilst 85% cite the cost of living[3]. Appliances that offer eco-conscious features that help consumers contribute to a healthier planet and drive down water and electricity bills are highly appealing.

  • Samsung’s BESPOKE AI™ Smart Washer provides a smart and efficient washing experience that helps make a real difference. Featuring an elegant and robust design, up to 18KG of internal capacity and innovative Samsung-only features like AI Wash, BubbleWash™, Auto Dispense, and SmartThings compatibility; this washing machine offers a truly unique and powerful washing experience that separates it from the pack. Created in collaboration with Ocean Wise and Patagonia, the Smart Washer also features a ground-breaking Less Microfibre Cycle that helps to reduce microplastic emissions[4], which pose a serious threat to marine ecosystems.

  • The BESPOKE AI™ Smart Washer helps Australians save time and energy. Its large capacity and smart capabilities mean busy Australian families can get more washing done, faster, giving them more time to do the things they love. The AI Smart Washer is designed for longevity and comes with innovative, eco-conscious features, such as the AI Wash Cycle and BubbleWash™. The Less Microfibre Cycle helps reduce microplastic emissions by up to 54%[5] (based on European testing) per wash. That’s significant, considering the pollution of microplastics in our oceans and waterways is one of our world’s most pressing issues.

  • Samsung’s BESPOKE AI™ Smart Washer models come packed with intelligent features to help consumers make the right choice for their clothes. Our enhanced AI Wash feature is designed to automatically sense soil levels and optimises each wash by using the ideal amount of water and detergent based on how soiled the load is. When a load is under 2kg, it can also sense fabric type. Consumers don’t need to add detergent prior to each load because the Auto Dispense system holds and automatically dispenses up to 32 loads of detergent and softener. Our Samsung washers also use our BubbleWash™ technology which turns detergent into bubbles that quickly get absorbed into the laundry at cooler temperatures. We also know that Australians want their homes to reflect their personal style and choose appliances with convenient features that give them time back in their lives. The AI Smart Washer features a sleek design that can perfectly complement other products in the BESPOKE range for consistent and elegant home décor. It also goes beyond the core functionality of other washers with features like the SmartThings integration and AI Energy mode, which helps optimise wash cycles by using cold water which can save energy[6].