Salt Bags

  • 2020

  • Communication

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Salt Bags

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New Zealand

Salt Bags practise the art of carrying, an environmentally friendly alternative to unwanted plastic bags.

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  • Bags currently available in supermarkets and stores are ugly, large and bulky, made from plastic fabric that gives off micro plastics and are notoriously hard to store and manage. We spotted an opportunity as a large family of six to make our lives easier, get organised and carry smaller better bags made from natural fibres at all times. The Opportunity: 1. Create environmentally friendly, multi-use, reusable bags made from natural fibres to keep plastic bags out of the ocean, Salt Bags. 2. Initiate and educate behavioural change in humans around the way we shop and carry our things. Taking ownership.

  • The art of carrying. We designed Furoshiki fabric wrapping cloth bags, to make the mundane task of shopping fun, better and bright. Because let’s face it, realistically shopping sucks and we would rather be surfing. We also developed environmentally friendly packaging and compostable cardboard postal options to ensure every touchpoint of the Salt Bags brand was good for the earth, ocean and had impact to educate consumers.

  • Every day and every week we need to organise, source and/or buy food for ourselves and family. Living with purpose is a mindset we want to encourage with Salt Bags, start making decisions that matter and get organised. You will need to eat, you will need a bag to carry your food, start carrying that bag and practise the art of carrying. Being organised is an art. Slowing down to plan and think ahead is an art. This is something we are passionate about at Salt Bags, the art of slowing down and living with purpose.

  • SINGLE IDEA: Reusable bags made from plastic give off microfibres that pollute our oceans, they give consumers a false sense of contributing to a healthier environment. Plastic regardless of how it is used and reused, never goes away and sheds smaller micro plastics into the environment. We educate society about the impact you can have with small changes to your behaviour and the way you live. Choose better materials, natural materials, plan your day and plan your life to create impact. Our mission - Break up with plastic. Protect the ocean. Live with purpose. Always carry a bag. Our solution - Salt Bags are: Functional Reusable Compact Not ugly Lightweight Natural plant based fibres Ocean friendly