Ryobi Jigsaw 680 Watt 240 Volt

  • 2014

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Techtronic Product Development

Commissioned By:

Techtronic Product Development

Designed In:

Hong Kong

Ryobi RJS1050-K Jigsaw offers class leading cutting performance, with improved cut line visibility. It is both compact and slim and features an integrated air management system that blows dust away from the cut path and the user. Has a powerful motor and class leading stroke rate providing the best possible cutting capacities. It offers improved accuracy due to the new flat saw bar design, which offers increased accuracy of up to 49% and reduced vibration of up to 10% versus leading competition. Cut Fin helps the user further to cut an accurate straight line.

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  • Cutting accuracy is controlled by the Flat Saw Bar Mechanism, it provide the highest quality of each cuts. - Eliminates unwanted rotational motion - 49% improvement on cutting accuracy - Counter-balance Improvement, 10% reduced vibration.

  • Give user a new experience for straight cut with using Ryobi Jigsaw. - Retractable Riving Knife - Provides straight cut guide - Retractable design for convenience storage and allows for bevel cutting.

  • Quick release blade clamp without additional tool for assistance and secure blade changes. Color indication to show whether the blade is properly engaged with blade clamp or not, green and red respectively.

  • Through new 'Shrink-wrap' housing design, more than 46% improvement to viewing angle for the blade cutting and give user better control of cut.