RYOBI 18V Hybrid Shop LIght

  • 2015

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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Designed In:

Hong Kong

RYOBI The world’s first foldable Hybrid Shoplight features the latest LED technology and is compatible with all ONE+ batteries. In addition, the unique design allows the light to be powered with an extension cord which frees your battery for other tasks and ensures endless power for your light.
2 separate panels with 20 in-built high-intensity LEDs, provide powerful lumen output and long lifetime at minimal heat.

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  • DC light cannot be run forever ,AC light provide a longer run time but not good for mobility, this hybrid light can solve both needs. With the hybrid technolgoy, this Shop light is capable to using 2 type of power source, 18V battery and AC source. Run time can be extend by swapping DC to AC which resolve insufficient power pack issue, make it an unique shop light in the market. This new shop light has to adopt hybrid technology and safety requirement. As it is very dangerous to plug the unit with both DC and AC power source at the same time, the safety door work perfectly well with AC cord while unit was being used, make sure user can only select one power source connect to Shoplight.

  • 270° Infinitely adjustable rotation to point light in any direction. With this feature, there are various applications this light can be used for.

  • Extendable hanging hook to use as lantern. Multiple hanging option on side hooks with screw holes.