Rosie Table

  • 2023

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    Furniture and Lighting

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Introducing Rosie, a modular table and accessory range designed to foster face-to-face collaboration and bring people together. As the workplace evolves into a hybrid model, Rosie addresses the need for furnishing office gathering places where staff can catch up, share ideas, and solve problems. Tomorrow’s office requires Rosie’s transformative design.

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Image: Lucas Peng Photography
Image: Lucas Peng Photography
Image: Lucas Peng Photography
Image: Lucas Peng Photography
Image: Lucas Peng Photography
Image: Lucas Peng Photography
Image: Thinking Works Design Team
Image: Lucas Peng Photography
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  • Our objective was to create a table system that could be effortlessly customized to fit any space, whether it was a formal sit-down meeting room or a more casual stand-up break out area. Our design team also ensured that the Rosie Table system’s balance of shape and proportion would maintain an attractive overall aesthetic regardless of its height or length, making it a timeless addition to any environment. Our main objective was to design a table system which is modular and can be easily tailored to the needs of the specific workspace using a base kit of stocked components.

  • The Rosie Table system offers a highly versatile approach to table configuration, thanks to its smart kit of modular components. ThinkingWorks’s design team achieved this level of versatility by pairing high-quality aluminium cast connectors with fabricated legs of varying heights and steel tube rails that are cut to predetermined lengths. These components are then assembled on a per-order basis, allowing for a fully customizable table solution that is tailored to meet the specific requirements of each space. Additionally, the pre-manufactured library of components ensures that the Rosie Table system can be efficiently assembled and delivered, without sacrificing quality or performance.

  • The Rosie Table's modular design represents a game-changing solution with long-lasting positive impacts for both office patrons and spaces. The system's adaptive modularity perfectly meets the growing demand for versatile and flexible furniture solutions in office spaces, allowing interior designers and architects to specify tables in virtually any size and a range of heights. Rosie Table's soft, calming, and inviting aesthetic has been carefully crafted to welcome people back to the office environment, a challenge that has become increasingly difficult due to the changing nature of hybrid work styles. Rosie Table will help create more inviting and functional office spaces.

  • The Rosie Table system has been designed with user convenience in mind, featuring complimentary accessories such as the innovative Rosie Power Planter. This clever product not only provides accessible power to users but also doubles as a stylish planter, bringing a touch of nature into the office environment. Its biophilic design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the workspace but also has a positive impact on health and well-being. The Rosie Power Planter ensures that users will never run out of battery on their devices while also enhancing the overall atmosphere of the workspace. All standing-height Rosie tables include the foot rail which adds an extra level of comfort by providing a convenient place to rest your feet that runs along the outer perimeter of the table. Not only does this feature enhance the ergonomics of the workspace, but it also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the Rosie table system. Whether standing or sitting on a bar stool, users will appreciate the comfort and functionality of the Rosie foot rail system. The Rosie Table's optional castors provide seamless mobility, ensuring that you can effortlessly move the table without breaking a sweat, even across the busiest of workspaces.