RØDELink Filmmaker Kit

  • 2015

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    Commercial and Industrial

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  • RØDE Microphones

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RØDE Microphones

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The RØDELink Filmmaker Kit is RØDE’s first product offering in the newly announced RØDELink wireless audio platform, offering fully-digital wireless audio configured in solution-oriented bundles to fit specific application scenarios.

Featuring a receiver unit designed to be mounted atop a camera, a transmitter unit to be worn by talent, and a broadcast-grade lavalier microphone, the RØDELink Filmmaker Kit offers best-in-class performance and value for filmmakers and location sound engineers alike wanting the convenience and freedom of wireless audio without compromising on superlative audio.

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  • The RØDELink Filmmaker Kit employs a series II, 2.4GHz digital method of transmission, with the receiver and transmitter pair continually transmitting audio on two simultaneous channels and automatically selecting the strongest signal. The 2.4GHz spectrum is internationally reserved as an open transmission channel, meaning that RØDELink users can operate their product globally without the additional licensing requirement of analogue wireless audio systems. RØDELink is secured using 128-bit encryption, ensuring that all audio signals are practically impossible to compromise.

  • Existing analogue wireless systems often have complicated frequency pairing to set up, prior to use in each unique location, primarily due to the legislated nature of analogue bandwidth. The RØDELink Filmmaker Kit on the other hand, comes pre-paired out of the box so the user isn't forced to struggle with configuring their units before use. Should the user wish to configure their units on a different channel, for example when using multiple RØDELink pairs at once, they need only select the desired channel on the transmitter and hold the 'pair' button the receiver. RØDELink will automatically search through 8,000 channels and locate the best channel.

  • RØDELink is the only wireless audio transmission system currently available that features internal antennae. The omission of externally articulated antennae results in a sleeker profile and removes the perceived user requirement of adjusting aerial orientation in order to maximise the transmission signal. By optimising the carbon content of the unit casings, RØDE has engineered the RØDELink Filmmaker Kit to provide an operating range in excess of 100 metres in optimal environments.

  • On the viewing face of the receiver unit is a high contrast OLED display that gives the user clear feedback on the status of the RØDELink system, including transmitter and receiver battery level, mute status, audio level and currently selected channel.

    The RØDELink Filmmaker Kit offers multiple power options to maximize convenience in different workflows. Both the receiver and transmitter can operate for up to 10 hours powered by AA batteries, or alternatively the user can connect one or both units to a USB power source (via MicroUSB) for continuous power.

    The transmitter unit included in the RØDELink Filmmaker Kit features a three-step gain boost (0db/+10dB/+20dB) to allow the user to maximise the output level of the microphone. The receiver unit in turn offers a three-stage gain attenuation (0dB/-10dB/-20dB), allowing the user to reduce the level of the audio signal. This gain structure allows the user to get the highest possible level of signal from the microphone into their camera or recording device, with minimal amount of signal noise, resulting in a higher quality recording.

    The RØDELink Filmmaker Kit includes a broadcast-specification lavalier or lapel-style microphone that can be easily mounted onto clothing and is compatible with RØDE's different lavalier mounting accessories such as the Vampire Clip or invisiLav. Featuring a 1.2m cable that is reinforced with Kevlar® for durability, its output jack contains a locking thread that screws onto the transmitter pack to ensure a secure connection at all times.