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RØDE’s VideoMic range has become the defacto standard for on-camera audio around the world, and the new Stereo VideoMic X is designed to be the company’s flagship model – the ultimate in audio capture for video professionals who demand the very best. Combining an acoustically matched pair of true-condenser capsules with the option of professional-grade balanced XLR outputs, the Stereo VideoMic X (or SVMX for short) is a superlative studio-quality stereo microphone.

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  • The Stereo VideoMic X features condenser capsules of the highest quality and performance, acoustically matched to offer a near-identical output level. This results in an incredibly true-to-life reproduction of sound and an immersive stereo environment. Mini-XLR output jacks on the microphone's side provide a balanced stereo output, designed to interface with professional level cameras and digital recorders. Additionally a standard 3.5mm stereo minijack cable is provided as a consumer-grade camera output.

  • Constructed from heavy-duty aluminium alloy, the Stereo VideoMic X is designed to withstand even the toughest of knocks and bumps while recording in the field or during storage and transport.

  • Three distinct on-board equalisation filters enhance the versatility of the Stereo VideoMic X, allowing users to adjust the input level (loudness), and attenuate or boost high and low frequencies, depending on their recording situation. Push-button digital switching provides control of the SVMX's on-board audio EQ and filtering, with LED status indicators giving the user clear status feedback.

  • The Stereo VideoMic X shock mounting system employs a variation of the Lyre technology licensed from UK company Rycote. This approach to mechanical isolation uses hard-wearing thermoplastic in the place of traditional elastic or silicone bands, resulting in superior shock prevention that will never sag or snap. In a first for on-camera microphones RØDE has adapted the Lyre to be positioned at a capsule level which provides the isolation exactly at the point where it is most needed, as opposed to traditional shock mounting systems that isolate the entire microphone body. The result is a more protected shock-proof system.

    Designed for versatility, the Stereo VideoMic X is supplied with two separate wind shields to provide the optimum environmental protection for indoor and outdoor scenarios, while maximising the acoustic transparency of the recording. The indoor wind shield is comprised of an open-cell foam which is supported by a plastic geodesic outer shell for strength, while the outdoor wind shield combines the open-cell foam with a synthetic fur designed to trap and isolate air in high-wind situations.