• 2014

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  • RØDE Microphones

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RØDE Microphones

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The iXY is a high-quality stereo microphone designed for use with the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It incorporates an acoustically matched pair half inch condenser capsules in a stacked X-Y configuration to provide immersive, true-to-life stereo recordings. Its on-board analog-to-digital conversion bypasses the Apple device’s audio hardware to provide incredibly high quality audio recordings. This updated iXY has been completely redesigned to be fully compatible with Apple’s Lightning connection iPhones. The form factor has been revised to accommodate the devices’ headphone jack being positioned next to the Lightning connector.

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  • The iXY's primary function is to capture incredibly detailed stereo recordings. It features a pair of half inch condenser capsules that are acoustically matched to ensure almost identical sensitivity. These are arranged in a perfect 90 degree alignment, in a stacked, near-coincident pair. Using the RØDE Rec app, the iXY is capable at recording at 24-bit/96kHz resolution, which makes the iXY the highest quality microphone available for Apple's iOS devices. It also features an adjustable analog input level and high-pass filter to provide even greater recording versatility for the user.

  • Using traditional sound design tools, the user would need to carry a dedicated audio recording rig consisting of (at least) a separate audio recorder, microphone and cable. By employing the Apple iOS device as an interface and storage device, the iXY frees the user from the added bulk, and leverages a device that they would likely to be carrying on their person already. The included storage pod with carabineer adds to the portability of the microphone, ensuring that the iXY is always available for broadcast-quality recordings, anytime, anywhere.

  • While the iXY operates with any iOS audio application that accepts a stereo microphone input, it offers extended functionality when paired with RØDE's recording app, RØDE Rec. By controlling both the hardware and software, RØDE has been able to provide the iXY with recording quality up to 24-bit resolution with 96kHz sampling, the only microphone for iOS devices on the market to do so. Additionally the RØDE Rec software allows the user to control the iXY's on-board level and high pass filter settings.

  • The combination of portability and high-quality audio capture makes the iXY suitable for a wide range of applications, from recording live music to sound design and on-camera use, through to reporting and electronic news gathering (ENG).

    Constructed from high-grade aluminium, the iXY is designed to integrate with the form of the Apple iPhone 5. Whereas the 30-pin RØDE iXY was finished in satin-nickel to work with the iPhone 4's stainless steel side housing this new microphone is all black, with a slimmer profile to accommodate user headphones that are now connected adjacent to where the iXY is positioned.