• 2018

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Avron Levin
  • Norvanivel

Commissioned By:

NBCS and Norvanivel

Designed In:


The Rocker Ott Ottoman is a seating option that can be sat upon in many different ways. Sitting down is often synonymous with staying still and quiet, but the Rocker Ott Ottoman encourages silent movement not only in its rocking position, but also in every other possible sitting position.

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  • MORE
  • In 2012, Northern Beaches Christian School requested transport and adventure themed rooms for junior classes. We changed tables into wharves, made tunnels that students could sit or write on and changed storage desks into trains, each with a caboose. To complete the picture, we needed wheels for the trains that doubled as seats for the storage desks. Clearly, if the seats were entirely round, they’d roll away. To avoid disruption, we designed wheel-like Ottomans, flattening the bottom portion. After designing these ROCKER OTT Ottomans, we observed their use in classrooms and discovered they offer far more than fun, thematic appeal.

  • ROCKER OTT Ottomans can be used in several different ways, as illustrated in the video. Students can sit on it like a regular stool, as we manufacture them in different heights for this different age groups. Additionally, students can put the flattened portion on the floor as originally designed, straddle the ROCKER OTT, depending on what the student finds comfortable, or sit sideways on the curved surface. The name ROCKER OTT was inspired by students putting the cylindrical surface on the floor and rocking side to side or back and forth.

  • Because ROCKER OTT Ottomans can be used in so many ways, students can find their own comfortable sitting position. Within a classroom setting, students can be sitting side by side, using the same Ottoman in different ways. Students can even change their sitting position throughout the day, as the mood takes them. Further, ROCKER OTT Ottomans allow fidgety students a quiet outlet for their energy – they can silently rock, without disturbing their classmates. Because the ROCKER OTT Ottoman is designed to rock, they are safe. How many of us have been told: “Stop rocking your chair, you’ll break it”?

  • Many studies show that increased blood flow improves thinking and learning. Making it easy for people to move, even when focused on a task or concentrating at a desk, maintains good health as well. The ROCKER OTT promotes movement, in all the possible sitting positions. The proprietary foam is supportive but not rigid, responding to even slight movements or shifts in position. The cylindrical rocking surface encourages even more movement and allows fidgety students to maintain their focus and engagement in class, by providing a non-distracting outlet for their energy. The ROCKER OTT Ottoman does not look intimidating and appears more playful than a traditional chair or stool. Students even feel comfortable using it as a table surface, because of the ROCKER OTT Ottoman’s non-intimidating looks! The proprietary foam is also extremely light. These qualities give students permission to reposition their seating, moving closer to a classmate to enable informal collaboration or allowing students to find their own best learning space within the classroom. Empowering students to move their seating and find a comfortable position encourages students to take more ownership of their learning.