Ridge Table

  • 2020

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Lucy Grant
  • Adam Brislin

Commissioned By:

Beeline Design

Designed In:


The Ridge Table is inspired by the nostalgic forms of the corrugated iron sheds that shape the Australian rural landscape. The seamlessly formed faceted bases house an intricate structure which provides strength and stability. The minimalistic silhouette is designed to suit a wide variety of commercial and residential applications.

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Image: Photography: Martina Gemmola
Image: Photography: Martina Gemmola
Image: Photography: Martina Gemmola
Image: Photography: Martina Gemmola
Image: Photography: Vivienne Wong
Image: Photography: Vivienne Wong
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  • The challenge was to create a table base which could cater to both our residential and commercial clients with a singular aesthetic; that was robust, durable and could be adapted to suit a variety of table shapes, sizes and colours. We decided to take a very utilitarian material which has for the most part been used in industrial applications and present it in an entirely new way. Our goal was to create a very clean, minimalist and seamless silhouette; making the faceted edges of the bases the focal point whilst ensuring it could be easily scaled up and down.

  • The result is a cylindrical form that can be scaled up and down to suit a variety of applications. It is important to us to be able to maintain consistent proportions when sizing up and to accommodate a variety of top shapes and sizes. The base and tabletop are easily interchangeable to adapt to changing needs of user and to provide longevity to the design. The concealed inner structure required a degree of engineering to not only add weight and stability whilst holding the material under tension and adding a central void as provision for cable management.

  • The Ridge Table is a versatile design that is able to be adapted to a number of different applications- a dining table in the family home, a board room table, a bar height table, a central point for people to gather around. The durable metal outer houses a concealed inner structure made from wholly recycled materials without compromising on aesthetics. The gentle curves of the corrugations are reflected in the cylindrical bases and circular shapes of the tops; giving an overall softness to the minimalist silhouettes and separating the sheet metal from its traditional incarnation.

  • The use of material is inspired by a childhood growing up surrounded by farming land dotted with corrugated iron sheds. There is a beauty in the gentle corrugations of the metal and we wanted to preserve this by creating virtually seamless forms and turn them into a luxe piece. Our objective was to create contemporary pieces but still retain a sense of the familiar in them, to create minimalist shapes that were rich in detail. As designer/makers we have always looked at our design and production process as a whole- aesthetics and materiality are as important as how it is made. When designing we look at how to maximise the materials to minimise the waste. We redirect any waste materials into the internals of bases; sheets of chipboard destined for landfill salvaged from building and construction projects are utilised in forming the internal structures of our tables.