RePlated Mealbox

  • 2022

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The rePlated Mealbox is a reusable takeaway container made from Ocean Bound Plastic. It is intended to replace single-use plastic and offer a sustainable alternative to compostable containers. Designed and manufactured in Sydney Australia, rePlated provides consumers, businesses and restaurants with a convenient system that reduces their carbon footprint.

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Image: Lindsay Hoad
Image: Lindsay Hoad
Image: Lindsay Hoad
Image: Lindsay
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  • Australians eat 4.5 million takeaway meals daily, which annually is 2 billion items of waste. Single-use plastics are an environmental hazard. Compostable alternatives are very expensive and not as sustainable as reuse. The brief was to design and manufacture a reusable takeaway food container that would reduce waste through its circularity and operate within a convenient closed loop system. The challenge was in creating a new object from waste, developing it to be durable, benign and safe in meeting the complex heat parameters for dishwashing and microwaving. The container needed to be suitable for freezing, lightweight, hygienic and easily stored.

  • RePlated has created a circular product and system within the takeaway food eco-system, and is improving the convenience for businesses and consumers to adopt more sustainable practices. A variety of plastic waste materials were researched and developed with a focus on maintaining the form, mechanical properties and strength whilst also ensuring it is microwave safe, freezer safe, commercial and domestic dishwasher safe. It is 1L with a fill line at 750ml, stackable in tight commercial food spaces, durable, lightweight and leak proof. Crafted from Certified Ocean Bound Plastic, it is the first use of this food-safe material made in Australia.

  • As the design is made from recycled materials, it consumes waste through its production. It is made locally to limit transportation, is designed for longevity, utility and can be reused and recycled back into the closed loop system. From a commercial perspective, RePlated presents an opportunity to make sustainable systems and products more economically viable for businesses. The cost of single-use plastics has been matched, and is considerably less than the cost of compostables. RePlated are working with restaurants and businesses to build systems for reuse with this product and create pathways for meaningful behaviour change.

  • RePlated containers are stackable, with subtle rings on the base and lid that allow the boxes to nest and interlock, fitting into small commercial food premises and at home. The lid prevents spillage and any leaking through its airtight gasket, and a channel is built into the top for easy and safe opening. Form is simple and avoids any undercuts and edges where dirt may build up in maintaining cleanliness. The gloss on the inside of the container is hygienic and the matt texturing on the outside is to ensure the users contact points are pleasing. The design maintains its strength and rigidity through the geometric rib features on the top and bottom to prevent warping and bending through its manufacturing. The containers are dual and flexible in size providing 1L, with a 750ml fill line that allows for a wide variety of foods including hot meals, salads and sushi. These lines help cafes and restaurants to match their serving sizes and allows for overflow. The containers are lightweight for transporting between the home and restaurants. The recycled material is durable and designed for longevity, tested to ensure its microwave and dishwasher safety in both a commercial and domestic setting.