Reece The Works

  • 2023

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

Commissioned By:

Reece Australia Pty Ltd

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Reece’s ‘The Works’ is an innovative working and learning environment comprising a blend of showroom, hospitality, learning and hybrid workspaces. Spanning 7 floors and 8,000m2 the ground floor is an immersive brand and services experience, whilst four collaborative and inventive working floors above herald a new paradigm of hybrid working.

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Image: Nicole England
Image: Nicole England
Image: Nicole England
Image: Nicole England
Image: Nicole England
Image: Nicole England
Image: Nicole England
Image: Nicole England
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  • Design a flagship showroom and working environment as a dynamic and collaborative space for customers and staff, including designers, architects, and builders. The design needed to facilitate product education and innovation, showcase Reece's brands and services, and provide a platform for staff to work, collaborate, and inspire their clients. The focus was on creating a multifunctional space that incorporated a showroom for product displays, interactive and educational displays, and a collaborative, hybrid working studio that would attract and retain Reece's staff. Sustainability was a key consideration, with the use of recycled materials, energy-efficient lighting, and an emphasis on water-saving solutions.

  • The Works navigates post-pandemic hybrid working via in-built flexibility to support evolving needs for customers and staff. The workplace features a flexible workstation system, mobile technology, and reconfigurable collaboration areas and rooms that promote a dynamic, flexible workspace that continues to evolve. Reece can grow its business through additional seating positions without disruption, and employees can work from anywhere within the office using a variety of mobile technology. The reconfigurable areas promote cross-functional collaboration and teamwork, while the design prioritizes the wellness of employees and visitors with features such as water wells, reflection spaces, and circadian rhythm lighting.

  • The completion of this project had a significant impact on the business, supporting its objectives and direction for 2030 and beyond. Previously Reece had a culture that was siloed and hindered team collaboration. The Works serves as a central hub for strategic thinking, training, and education, transforming the way teams work and interact. Open days held by the Reece Change team showcased the value of The Works, leading to 100% capacity being met on three days a week. The design of The Works enables Reece to create a collaborative and innovative culture that supports the business's long-term growth and success.

  • Ground floor is a multi-event space and cultural hub. Bathroom experience centre showcasing emerging technology and the brand's latest designs; highlighting Reece as the leader in the industry. Two stairs providing separation of function and connection. Planning on working floors in a radial grid from the stair, Increasing and supporting touch points to the teams. assisting in collaboration in the new working weeks. Integral planting within all spaces. The selection of alternative work settings is wide and varied. A large studio for the creation of both video and audio content for Reece's internal and external use. Wellbeing, with retreat spaces, multipurpose yoga room, water wells (water app station) Circadian lighting, CO2 monitoring, touchless door and tap controls.