• 2020

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Penny Weber

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Recovawear aims to fill a gap in the Australian market by designing innovative and inspiring adaptable, fashionable clothing for the rehabilitation sector. Recovawear also endeavours to provide dignity, Independence and empowerment when people need It most. Contemporary and adaptable post-operative clothing solutions promoting overall patient recovery, healing and wellbeing.

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Image: Creative Director: @picnarker Art Direction / Set Design / Styling @carla.palette Photography: @kayzar Models: @joey.snow @maritza_barone
Image: Creative Director: @picnarker Art Direction / Set Design / Styling @carla.palette Photography: @kayzar Models: @joey.snow @maritza_barone
Image: Creative Director: @picnarker Art Direction / Set Design / Styling @carla.palette Photography: @kayzar Models: @joey.snow @maritza_barone
Image: Creative Director: @picnarker Art Direction / Set Design / Styling @carla.palette Photography: @kayzar Models: @joey.snow @maritza_barone
Image: Creative Director: @picnarker Art Direction / Set Design / Styling @carla.palette Photography: @kayzar Models: @joey.snow @maritza_barone
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  • Recovawear is a clothing line designed for easy use during times of limited mobility caused by injury, surgery or the natural ageing process. It is designed to look like everyday clothing to maintain dignity and inclusiveness. The movements required when dressing in normal clothing can cause further pain or injury, and impede recovery. Buttons and zips can be impossible. People often make their own alterations or resort to clothing designed for seniors. By making it possible to dress without assistance, in clothing basics designed for all occasions, including rehabilitation and physiotherapy sessions, Recovawear restores dignity and independence to people’s lives.

  • Recovawear is an Australian first-to-market solution to the problem of dressing for people in rehabilitation or experiencing long-term reduction in mobility. The secret sauce includes soft, elastic materials and hidden openings that maintain a 'normal' look and feel and enable dressing without over-extension or rotation. Magnetic lay-flat fastenings hide openings and are easy to manage even with peripherable movement limitations. We've used wearable sensors to monitor people's range of movements and designed our garments accordingly. Additionally, the fashion industry causes enormous environmental and social suffering. Our garments are ethically and sustainably sourced and can be recycled at end of life.

  • Recovawear is designed for the wearer who wants to feel empowered and inspired by their fashion choices and not limited by their situation. It enables people to take part in society without stigma, retain autonomy, feel pride in their appearance and express their individuality. By improving physical and mental wellbeing, our range aids recovery for those with temporary limitations and hastens their return to work and normal social activities. Permanently disabled people benefit by greater dressing independence and by wearing contemporary, basic styles that the able-bodied take for granted. Our sportswear facilitates exercising and inclusion in Australia's iconic beach lifestyle.

  • Our clothing is aimed at the much-neglected 12-64 year age range. Multiple small manufacturers create adaptive clothing specifically for seniors, particularly those in aged care facilities. Many have fussy patterns and undignified rear openings. No other Australian designer has created adaptive clothing styled for younger adults with mobility issues, who want to fit-in by wearing conventional clothes. We will sell our clothing range through multiple channels, including online to consumers (existing) and B2B through stockists: rehabilitation clinics, allied health facilities and large pharmacy chains. We plan to offer hire options, keep our clothes affordable, and recycle at end of life. Our design aesthetic is in the vein of everyday basics. We provide design basics for everyday-wear that can be readily accessorised for smarter occasions, and exercise-wear suitable for all sports. Clean lines and classic, simple styles including unisex garments, ensure our range appeals to the widest possible market. We do our utmost to reduce our environmental footprint. We source organic textiles produced in Australia; use local, carefully vetted manufacturers and make our packaging from remnant materials. Our clothes are long-lasting and can be returned for recycling.