• 2014

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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  • CMD Strategy Design Innovation

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RearViz is a stylish, arm mounted mirror kit, designed specifically for cyclists to have clear vision behind them. The insights which led to the development of the mirror system were derived from experiences of commuting cyclists who wanted an alternative to bar mounted mirrors. The arm mounting of the mirror reduces vibration and allows the cyclist to pull the mirror in when moving through tightly packed traffic, reducing the chance of clipping vehicles and damaging the mirrors of either party.

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  • With the number of cyclists increasing every year in Australia, there is increasing need to provide equipment to make it as safe an experience as possible. Worryingly, cyclist fatalities doubled in 2013, compared to 2012 in Australia, which raises the importance of cycle safety even further. While driver and cyclist education is key to solving this issue, RearViz aims to give cyclists that little more awareness of their surroundings by providing an uninterrupted view behind them, without requiring them to turn their heads around, and instead focusing on the road ahead.

  • With cyclists coming in all shapes and sizes, the Rearviz design allows for flexibility of use and can be mounted on the forearm or upper arm. This allows cyclists the flexibility to mount it in a position which suits their riding style and body shape. The three dimensional rotation of the mirror allows it to be swiveled on multiple axis to ensure the perfect view. This flexibility also allows the device to be used in different environments where handlebar mounting might not be available, for example, recumbent bicycles, jet skis, paddle boarding, or skateboarding.

  • RearViz better reduces blind spots, since it is arm mounted, and there is no opportunity for any of the cyclist's limbs to block his/her view. When mounted on the arm, reflective panels and a large insert (available in multiple colours and reflectivity) provide extra visibility to other cyclists and drivers, to increase the cyclist's road presence.