Razer Facial Interface and Head Strap Accessory for Meta Quest 2 VR Headset

  • 2023

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    Consumer Electronics

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Kontor’s Facial Interface and Head Strap accessories for the Meta Quest 2 address the discomfort issues commonly experienced by most VR users. The design is a leap forward to more immersive and comfortable VR experiences, featuring dynamic seal protection, 3D profiled memory foam, optimized weight distribution, and medical-grade hypoallergenic materials.

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  • The Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) market is growing rapidly, yet 68% of consumers still report poor user experience as the top adoption barrier. OEM device manufacturers focus on improving performance, with little consideration for user comfort or material selection. This leads to product recalls and the stigma that VR cannot be comfortable or achieve mass adoption. The challenge is to reverse this perception; to eliminate the embarrassing red marks, uncomfortable pressure points, and distracting light leaks. Ultimately allowing for longer use time and providing a premium experience that is more immersive and comfortable for all users.

  • With 30+ years of expertise in CPAP mask and headgear design, the team developed a Facial Interface and Head Strap for Meta Quest 2 that delivers superior comfort and immersion, unlike any other market offering. CPAP wearables are worn all night, every night, meaning they must deliver the highest level of comfort, stability, and total seal; attributes that have been cleverly translated across to these two accessories. The team adapted to the fast-moving consumer electronic market by utilising existing premium medical-grade materials used in CPAP wearables. Furthermore, the collaboration with Razer has brought the utmost premium finish to these accessories.

  • Our Facial Interface and Head Strap delivers improved comfort, stability, immersion, and cleanliness. This results in extended use-time, and enriched immersion, and delivers the best experience for any Meta Quest 2 user. Through empathising and humanising Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality wearables, they become more valuable and accessible. Consequently, this lowers the adoption barrier and allows more people to make the most of this incredible technology, whether for entertainment or work.

  • The facial Interface is designed with 3D profiled memory foam supporting the external ultra-thin textured membranes, providing ultimate comfort by distributing weight to reduce pressure and maximizing comfort. The interface geometry is designed for dynamic seal protection, ensuring a secure fit as the user moves with the device. Also, it is designed to adapt to different anthropometric profiles and is made of medical-grade, hypoallergenic materials, preventing skin reactions. The head strap is designed for all head shapes, using Anthropometric data to apply minimal force and provide a great fit for any gamer. It is made of medical-grade nylon material, with soft and adjustable straps, minimizing the red marks. It is also engineered with optimized weight distribution, minimizing pressure points on the head when moving and providing long lounging comfort. Overall, Kontor Facial Interface and Head Strap provide a solution to the problem of poor user experience in market, especially related to comfort and material selection, which has been a significant adoption barrier. With its advanced design features, this solution is a step forward to a more immersive and comfortable VR experience for all users. The Product Design is officially acknowledged by Meta and provided “Made for Meta” authorisation.