Quickboats Folding Boat

  • 2014

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Design + Industry Pty Limited

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Quickboats Pty Ltd

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Quickboats, together with the Design + Industry development team, have designed a patented foldable and ultra-light boat that can be deployed in under a minute, be carried easily by two people, and has all the parts stored in two bags to be transported in a standard car. Quickboats promises to revolutionise the boat market by making boating accessible to a whole new group of customers who will no longer be burdened by the cost and inconvenience of owning a trailer. The boat simply folds and is transported on a standard car roof rack and stored compactly on a garage wall.

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  • The Quickboat's advanced composite construction and its bonded plastic assembly parts give it the perfect balance of being light and strong, to deliver maximum performance and durability. The entire Quickboat packs down into two main bags weighing less than 60kgs (bag 1 = 40kg, bag 2 = 20kg) meaning it can be easily transported and carried by two people. The folded boat can be fixed to any car roof racks easily and later can be stored away in the garage. Due to its light weight and robust construction, assembling, launching and using the Quickboat is an easy and pleasurable experience.

  • Although this is not the first folding boat, the innovative use of composite materials and construction used in the Quickboat make boat ownership a more realistic proposition for thousands of Australians. Designed to function at the same level as other traditional small boats, the Quickboat's advanced composites which include Armor Skin sections and Kevlar Hinges give the boat strength and rigidity akin to a conventional boat of similar size. The panel strength and rigidity is complimented by the novel torsional cross bracing of the rear seat to the transom and the foredeck assembly.

  • Once unpacked, with just two people, the Quickboat can and assembled in less than one minute. There are no tools, nuts bolts or fasteners required to assemble a Quickboat and with only 10 parts, the boat clicks together with ease. It has been designed for easy and intuitive assembly, using features such as easy lock latches, and 'clip in - clip out' seating. Once the hull has been unfolded and secured using the extender pole, it is just a matter of clipping in the transom, seats, fore deck and nose cone, working from stern to bow.

  • This revolutionary design and the portability of the Quickboat, means owners can use water ways previously inaccessible to them. Where traditional boats need a ramp for access, the Quickboat can be assembled on the water's edge and lifted into the water.

    The fully assembled Quickboat is spacious enough to comfortably carry four people. There is also a dry storage area in the front to store any belongings. At full capacity the Quickboat can travel in calm waters at over 20 knots with a 9.8hp motor.