Quad Lock Tripod / Selfie Stick

  • 2023

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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Quad Lock

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The Quad Lock Tripod / Selfie Stick is a versatile tool enabling you to capture the moment at any time or on any adventure. Small enough to fold down to fit in the palm of your hand and strong enough to hold the weight of a phone at full extension.

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  • To create a versatile product for active photography enthusiasts, we had to design a secure phone holder suitable for both low and high energy activities. The product had to be portable, collapsible, and compact for easy storage. We aimed for a tool-free, fast and easy adjustment that held its position securely during use, with a unique selling point to differentiate it from competitors in a saturated market of selfie stick options. Our evaluation of competitor solutions revealed that improving the product's usability when attaching a phone and adjusting its position was crucial for its success in the market.

  • The key to addressing the product brief was the implementation of the friction hinges for easy adjustment and secure cantilever holding of a large phone. Specific use applications of the product were defined, measuring the G forces in each use scenario and testing and tuning the hinge mechanism to ensure its performance was suitable. The product provides haptic feedback when adjusted in the form of resistance giving confidence to the user. The product by default encourages the user to move and adjust the extension arm into position, allowing the user to quickly understand the range of adjustability and product's functions.

  • The Tripod / Selfie Stick was created to be a multi-purpose product that is robust, long-lasting and upgradeable. The dual function reduces waste and improves usability. The compact and collapsible design ensures it has the smallest footprint possible not only to benefit the user but also to reduce the packaging size during shipping and storage. Designed with robust and hard-wearing materials to withstand environmental impact constraints in conjunction with a sleek minimalist design aesthetic to stylistically last are integral to extend the product’s longevity for the user.

  • A key challenge was to ensure the friction hinge maintained an acceptable range of frictional resistance over the entire lifecycle of the product without a noticeable reduction in extension arm articulation feel and phone holding strength when extended. The hinge resistance needed to be firm to support the weight of a large phone in all required use case scenarios and comfortable to use during adjustment. If the hinge resistance was too high the product would be difficult to adjust and too low the product would not support the weight of a phone and become inoperable. The hinge went through multiple design interactions and cyclic test runs to ensure the hinge resistance was maintained within an acceptable range over the entire projected life of the product. After tooling was complete extensive cyclic testing was completed to ensure all moving parts of the product such as the legs, the extension arm and telescoping tube would not fail under continued use.