Q&Q SmileSolar

  • 2015

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Designed By:

  • Ms.Tomoko Nakatsuka
  • Mr.Yasuyuki Yagi

Commissioned By:

Citizen Watch Co.,Ltd

Designed In:


Q&Q SmileSolar series is a fun and eco-friendly timepiece powered by light using recycled materials with accessible retail price of A$49.99.
Our products are now available in 60 countries at not only watch retailers but also design stores, gift stores, apparel and department stores such as MoMA Design Store New York,Tokyo and Le Bon Marche Paris, etc.

Q&Q SmileSolar was featured in NewYork Times 2014 Holiday Gift Guide and recently have been selected as Japan pavilion’s attendants uniform of MILANO EXPO 2015.

Creating the Moments of Happiness to the World.

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  • MORE
  • “SmileSolar” is a pet name of the new Calibre 2085. The base of the movement is Cal.2035 which is well known as a most reliable watch movement in the world. The solar cell has been installed at the edge of the dial from 2 to 10 o'clock position, shaped like a smiley face.

  • Q&Q SmileSolar can be charged by exposing watch dial to sunlight or fluorescent lamps and this solar-powered system keeps watches operational up to 3.5 months after a single charge. The watch case is produced by monocoque construction and there is no case back because of no battery changing required and one-piece case construction strengthen water proof quality. It is indeed a maintenance free watch!

  • To take a step towards saving our planet, the watch case and straps are expertly crafted from both recycled virgin PU material and recycled PET material.

  • All of Q&Q SmileSolar models are colourfully designed to create happy moments and make everyone smile. * EMEKA (Style No.RP00J001Y) - This is simple and clean design with green colour accent which added POP and FUN taste. * ZOEY (Style No.RP00J012Y) - This black faced with geometric patterned strap watch has been selected by MoMA Design Store and available both online and retail store in New York and Tokyo.

    Creating the Moments of Happiness to the World - This innovative eco-friendly item should not be a luxury item for the wealthy in our community but should be available for all to enjoy. Imagine putting on the smartest timepiece just like wearing a t-shirt. This innovation brings everyone on this planet a smile!