Qantas New Economy Service

  • 2015

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Qantas’ new International Economy dining experience re-defines the standard of Economy dining. Customers are benefiting from bigger and better meals, more meal choices, the ability to pre-order meals before their flight and a faster service. By removing the traditional tray and becoming the first airline to serve Economy meals from a plate, Qantas has introduced a more interactive restaurant style service to the five million Economy customers travelling across the airline’s international network each year.

Working with suppliers across 25 ports, Qantas delivered a record 3 month global rollout whilst achieving record high customer satisfaction and net promoter scores.

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  • Historically, 70 percent of the money invested in in-flight food was spent on the supply chain (ie, preparing the food and transporting it to an aircraft) and only 30 percent on the food itself. The New Economy service has transformed the supply chain to reverse this percentage and provide customers with 50 percent larger and better quality meals. Moving from a pre-prepared tray service to one delivered on a plate removed the tray set up costs that were then reinvested in what the customers value - the meals. The size and quality of meals now compare to some competitor business class products.

  • Gone are the days of missing out on your preferred meal choice. In an Economy world first, Select-on-Q-Eat allows customers to pre-select from four meal choices prior to departure, including an exclusive option. For flights departing from Australia (with inbound flights launching shortly) customers receive a notification advising them they can pre-select their meal through the Qantas website from seven days up to 12 hours before their flight. Previously only available to customers travelling in premium cabins, Economy customers can now also pre-select their choice. Exclusive options such as braised wagyu beef with mushroom sauce, polenta and green beans make the proposition even more appealing.

  • A team of Qantas food and beverage experts spent 12 months researching and developing the new menu and service, speaking with customers, visiting local producers and suppliers and researching food and dining trends. Trials were run on a number of international flights and customer satisfaction on those flights almost doubled, hitting record highs. These insights were used to fine tune the service, including expanding the selection of continual grazing options. The new menu offers an increase from two to four meal options and new meal categories, including an exclusive gourmet meal, a healthy option, comfort food and a meal inspired by the route itself.

  • The New Economy service is so much more than just bigger and better meals. The entire in-flight service experience has been redesigned to enhance Qantas' commitment to having the customer at the heart of everything we do. Shortly after take-off customers are served a bespoke welcome drink from Australian supplier Bickford's, featuring flavours exclusive to Qantas such as lemon and elderflower, and pomegranate and blueberry. As well as providing customers a refreshing start to their flight it provides crew the opportunity to introduce themselves to their customers in a more personalized way and highlight what customers can expect throughout their flight.

    Qantas' international flights range from 2 hours to over 15 hours. On longer flights, the New Economy service also includes continuous grazing options to keep customers satisfied. The options extend beyond those conventionally provided on flights such as cheese and crackers to inventive hot snacks like pulled beef sliders with capsicum and tomato relish, mini hotdogs and hokkien noodles with vegetarian dumplings. Crew also delight customers with other snacks such as Weis ice-cream bars, Maltesers and fresh fruit; ensuring customers are well fed throughout their journey.

    The new service design and removal of trays has allowed crew to serve and clear meals faster, giving them more time to interact and assist customers. Without trays, more meals fit into the meal carts so crew make fewer trips back to the galley to replenish their carts. With a faster service, customers are able to spend the flight as they please and not feel constrained by a having meal tray in front of them or carts blocking the aisles for extended periods of time.