Qantas A330 Business Suite

  • 2015

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Marc Newson Limited
  • Thompson Aero Seating
  • Qantas Airways Limited

Commissioned By:

Qantas Airways Limited

Designed In:

Australia and Northern Ireland

Designed in collaboration with Marc Newson and Thompson Aero Seating as part of the Qantas A330 fleet reconfiguration, the new Business Suite is a game-changer in domestic and international business travel.

Combining the luxury and privacy of a First suite with the flexibility and functionality of a Business seat, the fully customised Suite features a world-first deep seat recline from gate to gate, innovative Do Not Disturb function and direct aisle access for every passenger.

Named ‘the world’s best domestic business class seat’ by renowned travel writer David Flynn, the ergonomically tested Suite offers the first fully flat bed for domestic travelers and unparalleled space, comfort and privacy.

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  • Gone are the days of being bolt upright for taxi, take-off and landing with this world-first innovation, allowing passengers to be seated in a deep recline of 25 degrees from upright for International or 21 degrees for Domestic, and fully flat during flight. Seats may be pre-set to the relaxed lounge position and fitted with signature Qantas bedding before boarding, allowing passengers to sleep sooner on night sectors from Asia or early morning flights on key domestic routes. Through advanced seat design allowing use of a three-point seat belt over the more cumbersome alternative of an airbag belt, strict dynamic tests were passed, making Qantas the first airline to successfully achieve this innovation.

  • As part of Qantas' Sleep Sooner strategy, the Suite has been cleverly designed to incorporate a useful Do Not Disturb function. Activated through the Passenger Control Unit (PCU), the suite number glows red indicating to cabin crew that the passenger does not wish to be disturbed. Together with gate-to-gate recline, the privacy of the Suite enclosure and offer of a turn-down service prior to boarding, the opportunity for rest is fully maximised, particularly during long flight delays on the tarmac.

  • 768 hours of sleep trials were clocked during the most rigorous ergonomic seat test program in recent Qantas history. 48 real life passengers spent 96 domestic and international flight-length sessions in the Suites, leading to critical discoveries and design opportunities. Combined with extensive customer feedback on what's important to Business passengers, the iterative design process resulted in best-in-class seat dimensions, advanced cushion technology, massage and lumbar support, flexible lighting, sight-line privacy from every angle and the appropriate seat cover materials for short and long haul flights.

  • Critically acclaimed as 'the world's best domestic business class seat' which 'could easily pass for first class on some airlines', the Qantas Business Suite is the first fully flat bed for domestic business travellers in Australia. During 4.5-hour east-west sectors that transcend time zones, passengers are able to lie totally flat in the privacy of their own Suite and enjoy extra width across the entire length of the bed. The Suite offers 5% more space and 13% more flat work surface than its nearest domestic competitor. In the 1-2-1 nested seat configuration, every passenger has direct aisle access with no step-over and is given the privacy of a First suite at business class fares.

    Additional storage and functional workspaces were designed in direct response to Frequent Flyer research, indicating that passengers want to eat and work concurrently during flight. The Suite features an expansive single-level console adjacent to a huge single-leaf meal table. Generously sized stowages for electronic devices, toiletries, shoes, handbags and luggage are in ample supply. High-powered USB and mains charging outlets are easily accessed. Every opportunity for space, storage and customer function has been unlocked, including the addition of a large vanity mirror, integrated coat hook and dedicated water bottle holder that has been certified for use during taxi, take-off and landing.

    Qantas' brand new inflight entertainment interface, offering tablet-like resolution and swipe responsiveness, is brought to life through the latest in Panasonic technology. A larger 16” screen with privacy filter and light-level monitor, noise cancelling headphones, easy-use handset and touchscreen controls deliver your very own cinema experience on the plane. Never before have passengers experienced this level of space, comfort and privacy while feeling fully immersed in the latest high definition new release content.