Pyramid Power Hub

  • 2016

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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The Pyramid is designed to give the flexibility of a power board in a trendy practical package. Through a modular & user-centric design, there is a focus on providing product flexibility, unlocking the potential of the humble power board to keep up with a tech integrated lifestyle.

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  • Made in Australia, the Pyramid lends itself to a modular approach and is tailored for every work surface, business and individual environments. With numerous ports, colours, Qi wireless charging, the Pyramid becomes the focal point on the work surface enable connectivity to the users digital devices. As the Pyramid is a custom-made to order, it functions straight out of the box with no assembly or permanent fixed installation. It is available as a fixed installation and a portable power hub station that plugs straight into the wall socket allowing intuitive use through clear use with distinguished plug /port placements.

  • The Pyramid is designed for global reach & can tailored to the specifics of electrical devices across the globe, meeting UL94 certification & already exporting to the UK.

  • The design of the Pyramid is such as to provide a small, yet stylish focal point for desktop electronics. It aims to transform the power board from background component to desktop feature.