Push Controls

  • 2015

  • Digital

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  • Push by Schneider Electric

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Push by Schneider Electric

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Smart Home design begins with Push Controls; An innovative, intuitive, affordable and scalable home automation system. Developed by a Melbourne startup, now a brand of Schneider Electric, inspired by years of research and feedback that home automation technology was difficult, confusing and expensive. Push Controls was designed with the user experience at its core.

Using one simple interface on a smart device, you can operate virtually any device, system or appliance at the touch of a button. You don’t need a user manual; it can be mastered in minutes! It empowers home owners to easily, and flexibly streamline the use and control of technology including lighting, climate, security, audiovisual and energy.

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  • The Push Controls system can connect all household electrical equipment to a single control point. Push has the capability to connect whole rooms including AV, lighting, security, climate control, blind control and energy management - regardless of the brand, style or form of the technology. The system ensures that each device operates as an integrated system and communicates with each other via a single connection point, the Push app dashboard. This simplifies the use and benefits of technology in the home to create a synchronised home living experience.

  • Push Controls puts the home owner in charge of their electrical devices and allows them to create the home environment of their choice. The control point of the system can be fully customised to suit any living situation so the home owner can set “scenes” for any time of the day. Whether it be controlling extra light for entertaining outdoors or controlling the climate of the room for relaxing inside, Push allows the home owner to make decisions about their technology and environment to create a comfortable living space with ease.

  • The Push Controls system was designed with simplicity at its core. It is non-intimidating and easy to use and uses simple and logical control buttons so any user can master the system in a matter of minutes. Push uses smart devices that home owners are already familiar with, like a smart phone or a tablet, and streamlines technology, devices and systems to work together from one central, easy to use interface. The Push Controls interface can be completely customised for each installation so it matches the needs of the home owner and their electrical devices and can operate with any brand or style of technology, whether it be a TV, air conditioner, surveillance camera or home entertainment system.

  • Using a smart device, Push allows control of technology from a holistic view. Using one simple system, any brand or form of technology can be connected allowing the home owner to control all of the functionality of that technology. A home owner can control how their home looks and feels- accessing a welcome home scene to open blinds and turn on lights, or a goodnight scene to set alarms and turn off devices. The unique design of Push allows full control of the security of their home via access to alarms, visibility to surveillance and intercom. Push also provides complete visibility to the energy use of each household device so gives the home owner complete control over their energy use and management.

    Push combines lifestyle advantages with environmental benefits and allows home owners to take complete control of their energy use and spend so they can cut costs on one of the most expensive parts of having a tech-connected home. The Push system is designed to be able to monitor each electrical device in the home so the home owner can see exactly how much energy they're using throughout their home and which devices are the main energy users. By tracking each device, the system can then be used to make changes to energy use in real time, like setting the lights to “power saving mode” where they operate at only 80 per cent of their total range.

    Navigating the Push Controls interface is intuitive, and in most instances, only a two-button press to control a whole room of technology. The system can work with any technology brand, style or form, and can be applied to as little or as many devices as needed. The Push interface looks and operates in the same way, regardless of what technology it works with, and how many devices it speaks to. Home owners looking to start out in the smart home space are able to use Push with as many or as little devices as they like, and scale up and down as their technology needs change. This flexibility decreases the cost and time of creating an automated home and opens the home automation sector to any home owner.