PROLUDIC Inclusive Trampolines

  • 2018

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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  • Eurotramp

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The bouncy surface of Proludic Inclusive Trampolines motivates people to explore movement with imagination and joy. The ground level trampolines safely enable activation of public outdoor play spaces. Unique design features empower wheelchair users to safely experience bouncing movements . A truly inclusive play item for every playful person.

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  • From the time a baby can bear their own weight they instinctively bounce up and down. This innate desire for movement continues throughout childhood and beyond. Trampolines provide a resilient surface that enable fun exploration of bouncing movements. However, falls may occur. A safe, easy to use and durable solution that enables the tremendous enjoyment of trampolining to be freely available to people in public parks is the motivation for the design of the Proludic Inclusive Trampoline.

  • Ground level access to the trampoline is a critical design feature ensuring ease of use and safety. A steel box frame with a sturdy membrane is installed in the ground. An air space underneath the box frame allows for safe use of the trampoline. Preformed, impact-absorbing rubber tiles are permanently bonded to the top of the steel box frame. The rounded edge of the rubber tiles facilitates safe entry and exit for a wheelchair user with an attendant. The simple and ingenious design of the Proludic Inclusive Trampoline enables accessibility and enjoyment for people of many different ages and abilities.

  • At Proludic we strive to offer all children the enjoyment of play and give every child the means to blossom and develop. We apply universal design principles to our playground designs in association with our inclusive play equipment. Providing adults with opportunities to increase fitness is part of our mission to act for the well-being of all. The Proludic Inclusive Trampoline can be enjoyed by everyone - children, teenagers, adults and those with disability. The high quality materials and intelligent construction ensure safety and durability. The production in a facility certified to international quality and environment standards provides even further assurance.

  • Our understanding of jumping actions ensures the safest possible design for freely accessible trampolines in public play spaces. The simple form of the Proludic Inclusive Trampoline ensures ease of understanding in its use. Different sizes and shapes foster creative integration in play area designs. Additional interactive features include innovative user-activated sound and light components. Educational materials are available to enhance understanding of playful possibilities. Natural jumping actions are supported in a context of safety through our use of the most suitable materials for the jumping membrane and the bonded impact protection tiles. Enhanced durability and vandalism resistance of the jumping membrane is provided with a special heavy duty polyurethane coating. High quality steel components ensure reliability and long life use. It is straightforward to transport, install and maintain. The design of the Proludic Inclusive Trampoline is approved and accepted by TÜV product service according to international Playground Standards. Important Quality and Environmental Management systems are in place and certified to ISO9001 and ISO14001. Proludic Inclusive Trampolines energise public play spaces as people instinctively bounce and enjoy themselves. This unobtrusive ground level play feature is revolutionizing creative play area design and is now an essential element in every playful environment!