Primitive cigar bar

  • 2020

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

Designed By:


Commissioned By:

Hainan Ying hotel

Designed In:


According to the needs of employers, combined with natural strength and exquisite design. Making use of wood and stone to design makes everything return to the original, and also makes everything reborn in nature, bringing unprecedented low-key, luxury and natural organic.

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  • There are many extremely difficult models to build in the design, and the use of these foreign wood during construction is also very harsh. Water must be strictly controlled to prevent cracking and deformation. Finally, the design of the light is also painstaking, and the light is needed to reflect the texture of wood and stone at night and make the guests feel comfortable and comfortable.

  • Because Hainan, China, has a marine climate, it is very humid. According to local conditions, I decided to control the wood‘s water content to about 3%, which can well ensure that it will not crack or deform. And the light source I chose to use LED warm light and soft light bands, because their visual effect can give people a warm, comfortable and comfortable feeling, and in practice is also very energy-saving can play a low carbon and environmental protection effect.

  • Hong Kong Globe Design Award, Hong Kong Roundup Exhibition, Asia Pacific Design Competition

  • The materials used in interior design are all pure natural low-carbon and environment-friendly composite materials, but the final result is the most original, natural effect and high quality, which has become the leading cigar bar design in China at present.