Premium Adapt Mattress

  • 2023

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Premium Adapt mattress is the ultimate customisable mattress. Designed with 3 configurations straight out of the box, you can flip from a Soft to a Medium, and swap from Medium to Firm in your bedroom. Half-half layers solve for different partner needs, making this a true solution for everyone.

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Image: Brook James
Image: Brook James
Image: Brook James
Image: Brook James
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  • Our design challenge was to create a mattress that could suit every body. Every body is different and sometimes you don't know what you like until you try it. The Premium Adapt offers the customer the ability to customise their mattress to suit their individual needs without needing to go back to the store. This level of customisability provides the customer with a unique experience of customising their own mattress in their bedroom, all in the one night. This challenge is to provide a high quality and truly customisable mattress as easily as possible to the end user.

  • Premium Adapt has been cleverly designed with a removable top cover that allows the user to achieve 3 distinctly different firmness levels by simply switching the layer configuration. This unique configuration of foams took years of reviewing feedback from our Comfort Classic mattress, months of internal and external research, weeks of user testing and several prototypes to find the perfect combination of firmnesses. One of the most challenging aspects of this project was understanding what effects the compressing of the mattress, which enables it to fit in a box, would have on the firmness level of each individual layer.

  • By providing a mattress with 3 firmness levels straight-out -of-the-box, we enable customers to find the perfect comfort level for their sleeping needs. Half/half foam layers means that there is no need to compromise on different partner sleeping needs. Ultimately, this level of adaptability allows our customers to experience higher quality sleep, every single day. From a commercial perspective, we significantly reduce the number of returns since customers that are unhappy with the default firmness configuration can try different firmness levels. This has helped reduce the impact on the environment as our mattresses do not end up in landfill.

  • The Premium Adapt has been designed using the knowledge we have built up over the years developing our Comfort Classic mattress. Premium Adapt is a hybrid mattress meaning it uses a combination of pocket springs and multi-layer foam construction to enhance your sleep experience. The foam and springs are encased with a foam border which provides the customer with the ultimate edge support. In addition, it comes with machine washable covers that can be easily unzipped and washed on a gentle cycle, to ensure that the product remains in excellent condition for the years to come. The vegan leather handles have been strategically placed at the top and bottom end of the mattress, unlike traditional mattresses on the long sides, as research has shown this makes it easier to manoeuvre the product when moving. The Premium Adapt comes with three unique firmness levels straight out of the box so the customer can tailor it to their exacting needs. Premium Adapt is also available in a Half/Half configuration allowing both you and your partner the ultimate customisability. These foams have been CertiPUR-US® Certified, which guarantee that our high-grade foam layers are durable and made without any harmful chemicals.