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Pokit is the world’s smallest integrated multimeter, oscilloscope and data logger. Fitting in the palm of your hand, Pokit provides the maker community with a mobile, creative test lab. Connecting wirelessly to a smartphone app, pokit offers versatility, convenience and accuracy at a fraction of the size and cost.

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  • Multimeters, oscilloscopes and data loggers are important measurement tools used within the engineering and electronic hobbyist community. However, these are often bulky, expensive and difficult to use. Many makers and students do not have the financial means or space for this equipment. The challenge was to design a product that integrated multimeter functions, along with the acquisition and display capabilities of Digital Storage Oscilloscopes. The product needed to be compact, versatile, simple to use, low cost and power efficient – all without compromising on accuracy or functionality. This meant entirely reimagining the format of the product category.

  • Pokit can attach to a keychain or fit in your pocket. Its leads conveniently retract at the press of a button. Its circuit is miniaturised and versatile, integrating the functionality of three tools without the need to plug in cables or switch dials. Pokit provides the accuracy of a high-end multimeter for a fraction of the cost. Pokit harnesses the power of smartphones to implement a feature rich display. Its intuitive, touch user interface allows users to pinch-and-drag to pan and zoom waveforms. Pokit is power efficient, operating for up to one year off a button cell battery.

  • Pokit brings access, opportunity and freedom to the maker community. It allows students and hobbyists with financial constraints to access sophisticated measurement tools, without the prohibitive price tag. Pokit is highly versatile, combining the power and opportunities of three different measurement tools into a single intuitive tool. Although compact and low-cost, Pokit meets or exceeds the accuracy of a high-end Fluke 289 DVM. Its open APIs empower users to create their own measurement apps and share them with the community. Pokit provides unparalleled portability, freeing designers from the bench: they can now measure anywhere their imagination takes them.

  • Pokit connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. This minimises device size and cost, while maximising on functionality. Its intuitive touch user interface provides unparalleled simplicity and seamless control. The pokit app currently integrates multimeter, oscilloscope and data logger functions – however, new measurement apps are envisioned over time. Unlike traditional measurement devices, pokit can evolve and improve its functionality through updates. The community is vital to this growth, as they provide feedback and share ideas for the improvement of pokit. Pokit is a full-featured multimeter that measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance and ambient temperature. It also includes continuity and diode checkers. Measurements are displayed in real-time on the smartphone app, with auto-ranging. Pokit includes a single-channel digital storage oscilloscope that captures detailed voltage, current and temperature waveforms. The device supports one-time capture and optional measurement cursors. Pokit also functions as a stand-alone data logger that logs temperature, voltage or current waveforms for periods up to 12 months, without connection to a phone. Users can name and save their waveforms and logs for upload to the web. Pokit comes with connectable probe clips, a spare fuse and a convenient carry pouch.