Point Pod

  • 2019

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Cameron Singer, Point Pod
  • Shape Labs Pty Ltd

Commissioned By:

Point Pod Pty Ltd

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Point Pod is a pop-up power source that is fully integrated into any benchtop material. It seamlessly blends into the benchtop and with one touch it rises up out of the bench with up to three power points and a double USB for accessible convenience.

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  • The catalyst for the design of Point Pod was that there was no product on the market that offered an integrated bench top into a pop up power unit. The other key point was that existing products on the market were weak and flimsy. The design brief was to create a robust product that when in the closed position sits flush with the benchtop and has the stone or timber integrated into the top so that the only thing you see is a ring identifying the position of the pop up power.

  • After 2 years of market research prior to design we had a very clear idea of what the market wanted. The brief was met through a process of 6 prototypes and identifying the best practice that would make our product strong and robust as well as aesthetically appealing. Because of small tolerances, the challenge was to make all the working parts work in well with each other whilst achieving our goal of raising and lowering the unit. Having a circuit board integrated into the unit allowed us to fine tune the programming to ensure it ran as required.

  • Our main impact we are hoping to achieve with Point Pod is commercial. From our forecasts and our market launch, we are confident the design of this product will significantly boost our business performance. From a customers point of view we believe that our impact in the market will be substantial as we have given the market an aesthetically pleasing product that gives them the functionality of having power where they need it.

  • Upon our product launch we have been overwhelmed with the response from the market telling us that this is a product that they have been waiting for. The simple aesthetics of having the benchtop integrated into the unit was what the market was waiting for and the lack of integration was what severely impeded sales of the existing products. Our distribution partner, Häfele, have been in the Australian market since the early 1980s and are extremely excited about our innovation. To have the backing of them as market leaders really has given us the confidence that we can make a significant in road into the market. It also gives us the confidence to continue on with further R&D on new products.