Pocket Fuel

  • 2018

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

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Pocket Fuel

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Pocket Fuel is a mobile application, which makes it easier for Christians to connect with their faith through daily devotionals, which focus on particular bible passages for reflection. Each devotional is accompanied with a gorgeously designed wallpaper, which adds an extra level of depth to the reflection.

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  • Pocket Fuel is a well-established blog, with hundreds of thousands of followers. With this popularity behind them, they wanted to make it more convenient for their audience to access their content, which is why they came to EBPearls to design and develop their mobile application. We were also required to direct the user experience strategy of the application, to ensure it was seamless for users. Targeted towards young women, it was important that the application captured modern beauty. As an established brand, Pocket Fuel needed to retain the elegance and charisma of their current brand, translating this into the application.

  • One of the primary challenges of creating this application was to present the categorisation of the devotions in such a way that is intuitive for the user. EB Pearls was able to create a user flow that made it easy for users to organise, access and purchase the content they want. This was very important to ensure that the application was not confusing and elicited enjoyment while using. To inspire this enjoyment even more, we designed the application with bright and feminine colours, unique gradients and clean layouts.

  • From a social perspective, this application is definitely making a positive impact on people's lives. Application reviews have highlighted that it has made it easy to keep up a habit of engaging with daily devotionals, in a way that other applications are unable to. This can be attributed to the ease of navigation and use, engineered by EB Pearls' design team. The Pocket Fuel application connects people more deeply to their spirituality, impact the way they live their lives and interact with others.

  • The success of Pocket Fuel can be attributed to its unique approach to the daily devotional genre. While many applications in this space, have quite a serious tone, Pocket Fuel presents a wholesome and relatable approach to their Christian faith. The ability to save and share beautifully designed wallpapers has been one of the cornerstone features of the application. This is an innovative way to enhance the impact the app has on its users. The image serves as a poignant reminder of the important messages that are shared in the devotionals. In addition, sharing the images with people means that they are able to effectively spread the word about the application. Accessibility considerations with text size is a key feature that is usually missing in other applications in this space, provided by Pocket Fuel. This means that users are able to adjust the app to their comfort level, so as to allow more people to use the app. Serving the young female demographic by presenting aesthetically pleasing application that is easy to use, on a device they can conveniently use is definitely a point of difference that they can leverage.