Plusminus by Vibia

  • 2022

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    Furniture and Lighting

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Plusminus is a modular lighting toolkit for interiors. It allows designers to create unique and original lighting solutions using a range of connectible and interchangeable parts. Plusminus is configured using free online design software, allowing users to create their own unique designs based on the dimensions of their chosen space.

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  • Limits commonly faced by lighting and interior designers include: - The difficulty that comes with lighting unconventional spaces and the need for adaptive solutions. - The need for time-consuming wiring and specialist tools during the installation process. - Very few electrical connection points within a space. - The need to explicitly visualise how a piece of lighting will look within a finished space during the design process. - The need to customise lighting after installation to better fit the needs of the project.

  • Plusminus offers a conductive textile belt that carries up to 180W of power. This belt can be ordered up to 30 metres long, and can be cut to size on-site, should the need for customisation arise during or after installation. Luminaires are attached to this belt using a click-and-connect system that is fast, easy, and safe - these include six different models, from globes to spotlights. The Plusminus is configured using an online tool which allows designers to explicitly visualise how their Plusminus design will look once installed. Furthermore, only one electrical connection point is needed for a full-scale design.

  • The Plusminus lighting toolkit provides lighting designers, interior designers and architects with an adaptive and endlessly customisable solution for lighting virtually any interior. It also allows lighting designers to think 'off the grid' and create unique lighting configurations regardless of how an interior is wired, as only one connection point is required. Because its textile belt is conductive yet safe to touch, designers can play with their Plusminus design, freely attach their luminaires as desired, install their belt using a range of (freely provided) extra accessories and light an entire space in little under a day.

  • The Plusminus comes with a range of installation options including surface mounting, recessed mounting, remote installation and a floor plug. The Plusminus further adapts to any project with a variety of dimming options such as On/Off or Push dimming, DALI, 1-10V dimming and Casambi compatibility. 6 models of luminaire are available, from cone-shaped shades, globe lights and semispheres, to spotlights and linear pendants (including a Low-UGR version). While the conductive belt can only be ordered at a length of up to 30m, these belts can be interconnected, allowing for an even larger scale of lighting design. The Plusminus online design tool gives users the freedom to choose their design from an archetype, or create their own from scratch.