• 2020

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The nature of work is changing, and the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) are helping young people find their way, connecting their interests and skills to emerging career pathways. We worked with FYA to develop an online tool that helps young people make sense of the new world of work.

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  • The Foundation of Young Australians (FYA) are pioneering a change in mindset for young people and their approach to careers. By developing and improving enterprise skills, young people can improve their ability to gain employment, progress their career, and move between jobs in a constructive way. FYA calls this thinking the New Work Mindset. FYA approached Today to develop an online tool to help young people learn about the New Work Mindset, use big data to determine their job ‘cluster’, and suggest possible job opportunities suited to the skills they have.

  • The Pivot Career Navigator is a simple and user-friendly tool that utilises highly-complex datasets to change the mindset of young people. Designed through co-design with SWTAFE students, the tool uses engaging storytelling to help take young people on a journey. By stepping users through a complex process (alongside a fun character) the tool is able to communicate the complex aspects of the New Work Mindset in a simple way, to help its users discover career opportunities and open up career pathways by way of transferable skills.

  • Automation, globalisation and flexible working arrangements are upturning the status quo of the nature of work around the world. In Victoria, these forces of change are making it more difficult for people to develop the skills to enjoy a fulfilling and long-lasting working career. We designed a tool that logically and supportively determines the user’s skills profile, matches job opportunities with the skills they have, and suggests further training to increase future job opportunities. The tool uses storytelling to step users through a complex process in a simple and engaging way that’s suitable for all age groups.

  • “It’s great to have something tangible to represent all of the amazing work that has been done. There are lights turning on everywhere.” — Peter McLaughlan, Lyndoch Living “It was a pretty big idea when we started and seeing how it’s come together has taken a lot of incredible collaborative work, thoughtful insights, fast turnarounds and technical expertise from a lot of wonderful people.” — Lauren Langley, FYA