• 2023

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    Web Design and Development

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  • Humaan

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PIQUE is a new modular home brand based out of Western Australia. Through an extraordinary digital experience, PIQUE was looking to shift perceptions of what a modular home can be.


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  • Our design challenge was to create a website that reflected the premium experience and high-end craftsmanship of PIQUE's modular homes, while launching the new brand and encouraging discovery. We aimed to immerse visitors in the beauty and quality of the homes through visually stunning imagery and interactive components, while also providing easy access to key information and resources.

  • The PIQUE website responds to the brief by creating an exceptional digital experience that captures the essence of the brand's premium design, sustainable materials, and modern construction methods. Through a combination of impressive visuals, informative content, and interactive features, we were able to shift perceptions of what a modular home can be and establish PIQUE as a brand that is innovative and committed to excellence. The website's user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation make it easy for visitors to explore and learn about the brand, while also providing the tools and resources needed to design and build their own modular home.

  • The launch of the new PIQUE website has been a tremendous success, establishing the brand as a major player in the modular home industry and showcasing its unique design and home offerings to a wider audience. Since its launch, the website has generated significant buzz and positive feedback, with visitors praising the site's innovative design and immersive digital experience. The website has also helped to shift perceptions of modular homes and position PIQUE as a premium and innovative brand that is committed to sustainable and environmentally conscious construction.

  • The PIQUE website includes many bespoke interactions, animations and dynamic components to help bring the site to life. Each page was designed specifically to suit the content and overall intent, and provides an immersive journey throughout.