Pipeline — by Alexander Lotersztain, for Derlot

  • 2023

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Alexander Lotersztain

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Inspired by the bold, free-spirited designs of the space age era, Pipeline, designed by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot, features a distinct, cylindrical backrest capable of contouring to almost any setting from residential to commercial. This flexible modularity, paired with a minimalist form, create an incredibly simple, yet iconic design.

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Image: Rodrigo Rabaco
Image: Florian Groehn
Image: Rodrigo Rabaco
Image: Florian Groehn
Image: Rodrigo Rabaco
Image: Florian Groehn
Image: Florian Groehn
Image: Florian Groehn
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  • To create a modular sofa system seamlessly blends residential aesthetics with commercial functionality, resulting in a minimalist design that blurs boundaries between different styles and contexts. Its range of configurations can be adapted to different spaces and needs. Alexander ensured every aspect of the sofa system, from modular components to materials, was functional and aesthetically pleasing. Drawing inspiration from 70's play pen lounges, it fosters connectivity and offers elegant and playful arrangements. Pipeline is crafted to Derlot's exceptional quality and design standards, with environmental responsibility — manufactured in Australia and certified by GECA for sustainability and compatibility with sustainable procurement policies.

  • Our product development process involved a rigorous research and development effort to achieve the optimal balance between form, geometry, and comfort. Through meticulous experimentation, we arrived at a design that elegantly integrates the backrest and seat, creating a gentle touchpoint that conveys a sense of restful ease. Despite this relaxed appearance, the design remains firm and fixed, offering ample lumbar and back support. The result is a product that embodies the ideal combination of form and function, providing a comfortable and supportive seating experience while maintaining a refined and sophisticated aesthetic.

  • The Pipeline seating system's modular design makes it an inclusive and accessible solution for a variety of settings and needs. The ability to customise the configuration of the seating system allows for flexibility in accommodating different body types, spatial constraints, and usage requirements. This adaptability makes it possible to create comfortable and functional seating solutions that are accessible to a wide range of people and spaces. Whether it's in a corporate office, a hospitality setting, or a residential space, the Pipeline seating system can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each user.

  • Drawing inspiration from the playful contours of 70's play pen lounges, the sofa system offers a range of configurations, lending itself to both elegant and playful arrangements. With a focus on fostering connectivity and bringing people together, this seating system represents an innovative approach to contemporary design.