Philips Avance SpeedTouch

  • 2015

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Philips Design Consumer Lifestyle team

Commissioned By:

Royal Philips

Designed In:

The Netherlands

A beautifully designed, ergonomic hand blender, the Avance SpeedTouch can be held by finger and thumb only, providing an intuitive, trustful hold. Unique in its one-hand control, ergonomic studies informed the design of the grip and trigger switch, which offer supreme speed and handling control. A slender shape intuitively positions the index finger towards the Speed Touch knob, which responds to pressure: the more you squeeze, the more power you get. Brushed metal, deep gloss and matt textures hint at a professional appliance, making the Avance SpeedTouch appealing and approachable, combining technical requirements with aesthetics.

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  • MORE
  • The Philips handblender ProMix thechnology was developed together with the prestigious Stuttgart University. It is an advanced technology for more consistent and faster blending. The unique ProMix blending technology of Philips hand blenders uses a triangular shape to create an optimal flow and gives maximum performance making silky smooth soups and smoothies.

  • The handblender with powerful and reliable motor of 800 Watt can blend and almost any ingredient and delivers smooth results. With this motor power this hand blender can drive also a large variety of accessories.

  • This hand blender has the SpeedTouch with variable stettings and a turbo function in one button. Control with your finger tips in an intuatitve way the handblender: the more you squeeze the more power. It helps you to start slowly without splashing and smoothy speed-up till you reach your preferred speed setting. With variable speed settings and a turbo function you have a full spectrum of speeds available for any type of ingredient, creating the preferred consistency or smoothest blending results.

  • Anti-splash blade guard

    The hand blender has a ergonomic soft touch handgrip that is designed to give a secure and safe grip which helps to maneuver the hand blender during use.

    With the XL chopper accessory (1000ml) you can chop large quantities of meat, herbs, nuts, cheese, chocolate and onions in seconds.

    Single whisk accessory for whipping cream, mayonnaise, pan cake batter and more. Makes your hand blender mutlifuctional and versatiles.