PepsiCo Global Cooler Platform

  • 2017

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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The new PepsiCo Global Cooler Platform was developed as a modular approach to standardize the overall Cooler Visual Identity by utilizing shared components across various models and sizes.

  • The dynamic and uplifting design language of this cooler platform elevates PepsiCo brands and the product portfolio. The extended canopy area on top and bottom increases the branding area and visibility in comparison to traditional coolers. Its sleek, thoughtfully designed frame ensures that consumers focus on the contents inside. The cooler features a vent-less panel grille to reduce visual noise, which adds to the overall aesthetic and ensures minimal distraction from the product.

  • This cooler provides an engaging consumer experience across all touchpoints, from first sight of the logo at a distance to up-close contact with the handle. The PepsiCo Global Cooler Platform also allows for branding flexibility through exchangeable and customizable options for the canopy, C.M.F, branding, and the handle.

  • Aside from the new cooler design, PepsiCo also developed the capability to reclad existing coolers for a consistent look and feel across the range so it communicates a consistent visual identity for the Pepsi Global Cooler Platform.