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Introducing Peggie. A simple and earnest system with pegs, panels and shelves that is engaging and dependable. An all-rounder, Peggie’s perforated grid system and flexible kit of parts create a framework for ideas.

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  • Panels and Pegs are an age-old way of organizing and displaying objects. Unfortunately, these systems usually offer only a simple peg or generic shelf. Much of the appeal of these systems is the simplicity, the graphic quality and the flexibility they offer, but they are often made of the cheapest materials and fail to function properly.

  • Peggie has taken on the challenge of creating a Panel and Peg system that is an improvement on all fronts – clever and appealing design, quality materials and resolved mechanical functionality. Pegs lock into holes and do not fall out or sag. Shelves and hangrails locate onto pegs. Hooks, cups and all manner of accessories latch onto hangrails and pegs. Peggie endeavours to offer a wide range of accessories that make organizing with the system a delight.

  • Since launching at Euroshop (the worlds biggest retail fixture tradeshow), Peggie has come back home to Australia and been adopted for a host of different applications. People are drawn to its graphic quality and adaptability and have applied their visions for creating everything from children’s rooms to tourist information centres to office fit-outs to salon merchandising systems using Peggie and her accessories.

  • Peggies' adaptability and flexibility.