Pavilions Blackburn Lake

  • 2023

  • Architectural
    Architectual Design

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Seventh Day Adventist Church

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Pavilions Blackburn Lake is a shining example of project innovation within the seniors’ living sector. VIA Architects set out to create a destination that would challenge the traditional connotations to retirement living, instead creating the opportunity for retirees to experience an upgraded and connected lifestyle.

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  • Pavilions Blackburn Lake is a revolutionary project that tackles multiple challenges in the seniors living sector, such as resident quality of life and community integration. The site provided a unique opportunity to preserve the vast natural bushland, aligning with recent research that emphasises the benefits of immersing ourselves in greenspace for both our physical and mental health. The brief was to design a new retirement destination that celebrates the existing ecology and provides retirees with an upgraded lifestyle, creating an environment that prioritises the resident experience while benefitting the broader community in meaningful ways.

  • VIA Architects leveraged principals of human-centric design in their approach to the brief for Pavilions Blackburn Lake. Outdoor common areas and meandering walking paths encourage residents to connect with each other and their surrounding environment while addressing feelings of isolation that are often reported among retirees. The integration of an inner-city-style café breaks down social barriers by connecting residents with the broader community, and the conservation zones throughout the grounds prioritise sustainability while harnessing profound physical, social and mental health benefits for residents. The project exemplifies empathetic design and architecture that responds to its context.

  • Pavilions Blackburn Lake has had a significant impact from a commercial, environmental, and social perspective. Raising the standards in seniors living, the project negates the connotations of downsizing with downgrading, instead providing residents with an upgraded lifestyle. This unique project has successfully achieved its ambition of breaking down the boundaries between the development and the wider community, and the wellness proposition has proven successful in fostering new relationships, sparking community fellowship and nurturing a connection to nature. The project is testament to the power of human-centric design and can act as a blueprint for future seniors living developments.

  • Pavilions Blackburn Lake features multiple innovative design elements that contribute to its unique character. Each building has its own individual identity, crafted as seven individual pavilions that pay homage to the site’s early beginnings as a campground. The identity of each building was designed to complement each other, while still fitting within the broader masterplan and its distinct visual language. With creating a sense of community high on the agenda, internal streets within the development activate the shared amenities. Dispersed across the entirety of the 4.6-hectare site, utilisation of these amenities would encourage regular movement and increase the opportunity for impromptu social encounters throughout the day. The village approach is layered, with exclusive resident access to a business centre, cinema room, culinary spaces, and communal piazzas. The development’s wellness proposition is further supported by the integrated café’s curated menu of highly nutritious food and beverage options, to be further reinforced in a future stage of the project with the delivery of a dedicated juice bar.