• 2016

  • Social Impact

Commissioned By:

Randwick Council

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Parklets are mini public parks, usually installed in a car space, providing benefits to the community, businesses and the amenity of the street. The Park to Pacific Association parklet was designed and built as part of a Better Block event in Clovelly, Sydney.

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  • The Park to Pacific Association ran a series of workshops in the months leading up to the Clovelly Better Block event. Several of these were specifically focused on getting parklet design and layout ideas - from the local Council, local community and local businesses. Attendees of these workshops were given the opportunity to explore alternatives for parklet composition, using supplied objects like seats, stools, tables and plants. An ideas board was also set up enabling attendees to write and draw their ideas, so that the Association could take them into account during design development and construction.

  • The final design was executed and implemented by Sam, Lester and Ari of the Park to Pacific Association, after a series of concept schemes were developed by them. The concept schemes responded to the ideas and propositions put forward during the community workshops. During the design workshops and following completion of the parklet, community members and Councillors expressed their pleasure in having been provided with the opportunity to contribute to the ideas development of the parklet. The parklet was built and installed in Clovelly Road's 'HillTop' commercial zone for a trial period of six months. A vast majority of the community expressed their support for the retention of the parklet.

  • The parklet developed for this community project is easily scaled and adapted to suit different geographies and locations. The mobile shipping container base, within which the parklet is laid out, can be obtained at various dimensions and fitted out accordingly - even with the opportunity to have interlocking units. It can be modeled to suit private and public clients, with the same social / environmental benefits seen in Clovelly Road being applicable to any placement.

  • As far as the Park to Pacific Association knows, this shipping container parklet may be the first of its kind in Australia. The design developed for the parklet is certainly unique and the Association would like to think imaginative. It provides a safety barrier to the street in the steel shell, a raised planter bed to frame the outer edges of the parklet and allow a substantial volume of vegetation, a central pit for a large shade-producing tree, a considerable amount of carefully proportioned 'off footpath' public seating and various benches and tables in the corners and centre of the space for utilitarian purposes. The parklet is totally mobile, shifted easily and inexpensively by crane truck.

    The parklet now has a proven record of making a significant positive social impact for the communities in which it is placed. After its trial in Clovelly Road, Waverley Council and Glebe Chamber of Commerce requested trials of the unit in their local government areas. The parklet and its design was loved in its placement both in Hall St (Bondi) and in Glebe Point Road. Waverley Council received a substantial community petition to have the parklet retained in its LGA. This parklet, and ones like it, help Councils achieve strategic goals for public space, community cohesion and the support of local businesses. It is also just the thing to lift a tired street.