Origin Hybrid Mattress

  • 2023

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Origin Sleep

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The advanced Origin Hybrid mattress is designed to meet today’s consumers’ needs.

With our mattresses, we provide our customers with affordable, eco-friendly mattresses with the three crucial qualities that promote a good night’s sleep:

1. Pressure relief
2. Body support
3. Temperature regulation

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  • Our main challenges when designing a mattress are as follows: 1. Meet the customers' needs 2. Sleep science technology 3. Costs and price points The ideal mattress for a mattress shopper allows them to sleep well and wake up refreshed at an affordable price. Innovative sleep technologies improve mattress quality, but production cost must also be considered since it directly impacts the mattress's selling price. The Origin Hybrid mattress is affordable without compromising on quality. We further validate the design using the latest sleep science to ensure that our hybrid mattresses provide the best sleep experience possible.

  • The Origin Hybrid mattress was iteratively improved over the years and thoroughly tested every step of the way. How we did it: 1. We used pressure mapping technology to ensure maximal pressure distribution across joints. In the Origin Hybrid mattress, pressure is distributed just right, so joints don't take on too much weight, resulting in a comfortable sleep for the user. 2. We designed the antigravity springs to support varying weights. 3. The Origin Hybrid mattress was made with cooling materials (e.g. cooling gel) and porous enough to allow airflow to wick away excess heat, while still providing support.

  • • Consumer recognition: The Origin Hybrid mattress rating in Product Reviews is 4.6/5 for ~ 100 reviews. • Top-ranked mattress by many media outlets worldwide (Vogue, GQ, News.com.au, and more). • Utilized eco-friendly materials to help the environment All this while providing a more affordable and higher value option than our competitors, with our single mattress only costing 399AUD!

  • We choose every material during the design process with a specific purpose. Material selection was based on whether it improved sleep, benefited the environment, or both. The Origin Hybrid mattress contains the following materials: • The mattress cover is made of 100% natural Tencel, which ensures a soft, cooling exterior and is eco-friendly. • A gel-infused foam that provides cooling properties. • The natural bamboo-infused foam provides a cooling sensation and is eco-friendly and breathable. • A wool-polyester mix adds comfort and eco-friendliness. • Individually packed pocket springs allow the mattress to absorb motion as each spring reacts to every movement independently, resulting in uninterrupted sleep. This also makes the mattress more breathable and cooling than one made entirely of foam. Last but not least, we built an innovative business model to supply mattresses: A) All mattresses come with a 120-night risk-free trial, and return mattresses are donated to our charity partners, who distribute them to those in need. Thus, unnecessary waste and landfill overfilling are prevented. To date, we have donated thousands of mattresses. B) We donate some of our profits to help local communities in countries where Origin Sleep operates. In Australia, we donate proceeds to WWF Australia and the Kangaroo Sanctuary.