Orange Sky – RV3.0 Vehicle

  • 2022

  • Social Impact

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  • Orange Sky

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Orange Sky

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RV3.0 is the world’s first solar and battery-powered laundry truck supporting health and social outcomes for remote Australians. Fitted with three washing machines and dryers, RV3.0 provides free mobile laundry to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities. RV3.0 is a health hardware truck contributing to a better, more green future.

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  • Homelessness disproportionately impacts Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. As laundry access is often limited or challenging in remote Australia, Orange Sky's remote expansion required a vehicle that was designed with sustainability, reliability and self-sufficient features. RV3.0 overcame extensive design challenges, including: - Diversifying power generation and storage to provide reliable social impact - Operation in extreme weather conditions (heat & wet seasons) - Challenging road conditions - Reducing environmental footprint - Intuitive user experience for easy operation - Cost-effective to build and maintain - Minimising serviceable parts to increase shift resilience - Highly serviceable vehicle operable by anyone with a standard automatic car license - Positively connect communities

  • Diversification of power generation was key in building trust in the reliability and quality of the service. Solar panels are the primary power generation. To combat varied weather conditions around Australia, supplementary power is sourced from lithium batteries that can be charged using standard household power and the vehicle's alternator. To support health issues such as scabies, washing machine water is heated to 50˚C and commercial-grade laundry detergent and sanitiser are automatically inserted into each wash. All vehicles include six orange chairs as a mechanism to positively connect communities through genuine conversations.

  • RV3.0 has been successful in providing access to free health hardware to communities where it is geographically or socio-economically infeasible. RV3.0 vehicles contribute to positive health and connection while reducing our environmental footprint. While clean clothes help to improve comfort and dignity, the RV3.0 also fosters genuine connections at each shift - a core mission of Orange Sky. Four RV3.0 vehicles currently operate across seven remote communities. Another four vehicles are assisting flood recovery efforts for the recent NSW QLD floods. To date RV3.0 vehicles have supported communities with: - 80% reduction in electrical energy consumption - 5,600 washes - 3,478 hours meaningful conversation

  • Key design features of RV3.0: - 80% reduction in electrical energy consumption per shift - Fitted with three washing machines and three solar-powered 'Waru Dryers' - Efficient power system has created more energy than used during shift - Solar power removed the requirement of financially and environmentally costly 15kVA diesel generators - Automatic detergent dosing into washing machines for a more streamlined experience and hygenic washing standards - Water heating unit enhances hygiene quality and combats odour of washed articles - Three large canopy doors open upward to provide shelter from sun and rain - Internal and external lighting to allow operation at day or night - Plug 'n' start design, optimised system controls for easy operation. 2-button presses to switch on system, 2-button presses to switch off. - Onboard storage to cater to the needs of each community and includes first aid kit, biohazard spills kit, sharps container - Telemax 3G vehicle tracker installed to help measure key odometer data and location - Paid employment opportunities for local residents to lead shifts in their community