• 2014

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  • Hobson Engineering Pty Ltd

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Hobson Engineering Pty Ltd

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The Opticast cast in anchor System, was designed to bridge the gap between deign complexity and construct-ability for the construction industry. It answers the need for an Australian standard and in its absence provides structural designers with certainty and conformity through a comprehensive validated data and design table. It uses Australian Standards for individual elements to provide a matrix of precision and flexibility, packaged for efficiency and economics. Its physical and virtual components deliver a dynamic that reduces site downtime and provides a safer more profitable solution to all parties.

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  • The unique bearing head design provides concentric force transfer to preclude pullout failure. It's diameter and thread engagement length coupled with a matching stud assembly are optimised for embedment depth throughout the range. In addition, the studs smooth shank profile removes the potential for concrete splitting failure while the wedge tip locks the stud into place for tensioning security. As these items are standardised they ensure greater economics through commercial channels.

  • Special couplers allow for the use of short removable studs. Subsequently, they enhance site safety by removing a potential tripping hazard. They also ensure a greater security to the construction program as the critical nature of its integrity is paramount to the projects critical path. The proprietary injection washer provides tolerance latitude to the modular steel fabrication. In doing so they facilitate greater flexibility on site in the marry up stage of construction, thereby saving vast costly time delays to the project. These components are cathodically coated to provide greater corrosive resistance and allow for materials flexibility and serviceability.

  • The Virtual Cage used in the Hobcast system does not detract or affect in any way the design calculations. It provides for safe delivery to site and ensures precision and efficiency through the installation process. Its CNC accurate components are removed progressively and are recyclable. The Virtual Cage replaces the traditional and problematic welded cage. It defines Design calculations are now completely accurate as there are no fault planes or failure nodes to compromise the installation.

  • The foundation piece of the Hobcast system is its validated connection design tools. A comprehensive table defining failure modes, performance and design criteria ensures certainty in the anchor connection process. It empowers structural design engineers with the certainty they need to provide the all important interface between steel and concrete.