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OpenShutters have developed an IoT motorised shutter system for the home, customisable and controlled via an app. The system gives the user the flexibility and convenience to open and close multiple shutters in real time, individually and collectively and program pre-set times.

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  • Window shutters provide flexible control for light, privacy and managing temperature in the home across the day, across the year. Installations can involve many individual frames of shutters around the home, all needing to be individually manually adjusted. The challenge was not only to create a system that could easily control multiple frames individually and collectively, but also retro fit into existing installations.

  • The OpenShutters solution incorporates a motorised blade which fits within an existing frame and is powerful enough to move up to 20 blades within one frame. The motorised blade includes rechargeable batteries and communicates to a base station via RF. The base station can connect with multiple frames around the home and acts as an internet gateway. Via a smart phone app, each of the frames can be controlled and programmed from anywhere where you have internet connection. The system can be retrofitted into existing installations by simply swapping out one shutter in each frame that you want to connect.

  • • Reduce Energy Consumption: Optimize the heat you let into your home by programming the shutters to open or close when you're out or at certain times of the day, therefore reducing the costs associated with cooling and heating. • Convenience: Automate routine tasks that would normally be performed on a daily or regular basis. • Comfort: Set the ambiance for every room with a single button press, eg:a pre-set for movie night etc. • Security: Configure the shutter system to give the illusion someone is home by having your shutters open & close while you’re out.

  • • Flexibility: Allows for users to manually rotate blades without causing damage to the device. • Safety: If the blades encounter resistance indicating interference (i.e. something between the blades) the motor stops. All OpenShutters products comply with electrical safety standards.