Odie Chair

  • 2020

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

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The Odie chair is a stackable solid American oak chair with a natural plant-based finish. The Odie chair combines expressive elements of art with smart engineering. The design was inspired by modern gallery spaces and using beautifully crafted timber as a subtle but vibrant feature in a room.

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Image: Photography by Sean Fennessy
Image: Photography by Sean Fennessy
Image: Photography by Sean Fennessy
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  • We wanted to experiment with the use of CNC Technology to create a hand-crafted look and feel, by using this approach we created important features such as the carved out back rest and dished seat top which provide comfort and visual appeal. We spend a lot of time developing the personality of the Odie chair, we experimented extensively with the interaction between each part of the chair.

  • The Odie Chair has been designed to create very little wastage. The timber components are all of equal thickness, this allows us to source each piece from the same batch of raw material. The thickness of the components was also chosen specifically to avoid as much timber wastage through the machining process as possible. We feel that a big part of the personality of the chair comes from the interaction between the organic, almost free form shape on the top of the backrest and the negative space created between the bottom of the back rest and the seat.

  • Our aim was to design a chair which had the look and feel of a hand-crafted piece while using CNC technology to create carefully considered components that produced minimal timber wastage. We wanted to play with the expressive nature of art and the practicality of good design to create a piece that could be appreciated as a stand-alone object or a functional item in a setting. Another focus for us was to maintain our values of creating a quality product that is made in Australia from ethically sourced materials.

  • The timber used to make the Odie Chair is sustainably sourced through selective harvesting, this means smaller numbers of trees are harvested per hectare and this allows remaining plants to naturally regenerate the forest. The finish we have used to seal the timber is a natural plant-based wax/oil. The main properties of this product come from Sunflower, Soya, Linseed and Thistle Oils. The wood remains naturally beautiful, protected and durable.