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  • 2019

  • Fashion

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  • Maria Erixon

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Maria Erixon

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All Nudie Jeans are sold with the promise of free repairs for life. If customers no longer want them, they will gladly take them back and give them 20 per cent off a new pair and re-sell these pre-worn jeans to save money and resources. Welcome “Re-Use”

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  • By offering our Free Repair service meant that we had to train ALL staff in all locations how to sew/repair jeans. This was presumed to be challenging but staff welcomed the opportunity to be part of the project opposed to conventional retail of 'standing around and waiting for customers'. We also had a challenge of getting ENOUGH used jeans back from customers to promote our "RE-USE" project.

  • Training staff to sew was quite simple as part of their induction process to the business combined with internal communication platforms, we were able to share technical details on how to repair specific more challenging repairs. As for gathering enough worn-in-jeans back from customers, this was resolved by offering customers 20% off a new pair when trading in their old jeans. This keeps the life-cycle going. We also extend the lifecycle by using handed in Nudie Jeans to patched to mend other pairs and for making new products that can be sold again.

  • In 2018 we repaired 55 173 pairs of jeans, collected 10 557 pairs for reuse for new products and as patching material, which means we saved 44 000 kg of clothes from being thrown away and saved 386 000 000 liters of water.

  • Re-use How is it possible? A while ago we started to build a new, parallel track, called Nudie Jeans Re-use. It runs beside our main line, and is essentially about worn Nudie Jeans getting cleaned and repaired, and thus given a new life. When you throw a piece of clothing away it’s not only the actual garment that you discard, a significant amount of water and energy is lost as well. While pre-washed denim often replicates a true break-in story, the Re-use concept holds the original narrative. These are one-of-a-kind jeans. When a pair of jeans gets into the Re-use loop it’s both the person handing in the jeans and the one who buys them who helps economize on natural resources. Reusing instead of producing means substantial savings for the environment. And it’s beneficial for your finances as well. Handing in your worn jeans gets you 20% off a new pair. Copping a pair of cleaned and repaired pre-worn jeans will save you money compared to buying a brand-new pair. Our Re-use denim is labeled with the Swedish ”Good Environmental Choice” ecolabel. 2018, we took the concept online, offering one-of-a-kind Re-used jeans worldwide.