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RØDE Microphones

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RØDE is a global leader in the design and manufacture of professional microphones for broadcast video. Its NTG1 and NTG2 microphones, originally released 10 years ago, have gained international acceptance as first-call on camera and boom microphones.

Its latest release, the NTG4+ is the world’s first shotgun microphone to feature an inbuilt rechargeable battery. Combined with professional quality audio performance and integrated equalization filters it is an outstanding directional microphone for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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  • The NTG4+ is the first shotgun microphone in the world to include an onboard rechargeable battery, considerably increasing the convenience for users who would otherwise need to use disposable batteries. In professional scenarios batteries are typically replaced before every production regardless of their charge level, so the internal battery significantly reduces potential waste. A two hour charge of the NTG4+ using the provided MicroUSB cable provides up to 150 hours of operation, the equivalent of several weeks on even the most demanding film schedule. Additionally the NTG4+ can be powered by phantom power, an audio standard where power is supplied via the audio cable from supporting cameras or recorders.

  • The NTG4+ audio control features are all accessible via convenient digital switching on the front of the microphone body. The digital switches were designed to have a tactile feel, giving immediate feedback to the user, while the status is shown quite intuitively via a solid light within the actual button itself. The status of the microphone switches is remembered each time the microphone is powered on or off, retaining the reliability of manual switching, while boosting the usability and convenience exponentially.

  • RØDE developed an all-new condenser capsule for the NTG4+ microphone which exhibits a lower noise floor and higher sensitivity than other microphones in its class, coupled with a rich, smooth character. This means that NTG4+ users will be able to achieve clearer, more defined audio in any situation.

  • The NTG4+ features onboard audio filters which provide the user with more control over their audio signal. A -10dB pad attenuates the level of an input sound source, increasing the versatility of the microphone and allowing for usage with a wider range of sound sources. Alongside this is a 75hz high pass filter, enabling on-set control of the environmental noises that are often presented in the lower frequency range, while not affecting the capture of crucial frequencies. Finally it features a high frequency boost, allowing the user to engage a lift in frequencies above 5Khz, boosting detail and intelligibility in the signal when a cover is used on the microphone.