Novalent Shield+

  • 2020

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

Designed By:

  • Alex Ovchar

Commissioned By:

Novalent Biotech

Designed In:


Novalent Shield+ is a hand sanitizer which uniquely has an invisible shield that provides ongoing 24 hour protection against germs. All other hand sanitizers on the market provide no protection after 1-2 minutes after application.

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Image: Novalent Shield+
Image: Novalent Shield+
Image: Novalent Shield+
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  • Describing the core value add - 24 hour protection based on a patented monomolecular layer - was complex, especially given all other hand sanitizers don't provide any residual protection after application. Given the new 'category' that this product effectively started, we needed to find a way to convey this quickly and effectively.

  • We did this through the concept of the "+" which is pervasive throughout the design. This highlights that this is a different type of hand sanitizer with ongoing protection - something no one else offers. We went for a fresh, professional, forward looking feel to highlight the innovative, tech-forward nature of the technology.

  • We have sold out within the first two weeks of launch with many customers commenting on the forward looking feel of the design. Further the use of foam - rather than gel - as the active product also contributed to pushing new and innovative thinking in our design.

  • The label is made on 100% recycled paper and the bottle itself is made with significant environmental considerations in mind.