Noosa Parcel + Mail Letterbox

  • 2023

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Milkcan Outdoor Products

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Almost a third of residents in Australia have fallen victim to parcel theft, at a cost of over $220 million in missing goods. Our solution was to create the Noosa, which is more than just a letterbox, incorporating design and functionality to receive parcels securely with an anti theft design.

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  • Milkcan Outdoor has been designing letterboxes for Australian homes for over 25 years, and when the needs of our customers have changed, so have our designs. With the current economic increase in online shopping, comes the introduction of two potential issues: the increased risk of theft of parcels left at the home, and the inability to attend the post office to collect parcels during limited opening hours. A solution was needed that prevented parcel and mail theft, as well as allowing customers the peace of mind knowing their delivery would be waiting securely for them when they arrive home.

  • The Noosa letterbox is designed with an anti-theft floor. Once the courier delivers your parcels through the top parcel chute, it causes the anti-theft floor to elevate into the parcel receiving position, consequently acting as a security barrier, blocking access into the lower parcel compartment. It then gently guides the parcel into this lower compartment onto a soft internal floor, ensuring your parcels land safely. Parcels and mail can only be accessed by a key lock via the rear door. Along with this security innovation, the Noosa was designed to match the pleasing aesthetics of modern home facades.

  • From the initial design phase, through to our rigorous quality control and testing, we introduced this high quality product to the market at an affordable price point. Every aspect was taken into consideration, from the thickness of the steel, to the ideal manufacturing processes to ensure the product is structurally strong and will last for years to come. Our packaging has been designed to ensure this can be delivered across Australia safely, with the least waste possible to reduce impact on the environment.

  • Our customers love this product for its security, convenience and street appeal, and the local postmen and couriers love it for its ease of use! The Noosa letterbox was expertly designed to meet all the functional and ergonomic needs our customers could require. Not only is it theft resistant and able to receive mail, parcels, and satchels securely, but it also utilises galvanised steel with a zinc coating and additional powder coat finish, to protect against the harsh Australian climate and prevent rusting.